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Saving Nutritional Supplements: A Battle For Nature, Truth, and Life Itself

By Adam Diskin

We know how hard people are fighting now to save the economy, to stop the wars, to prevent more nuclear power plants, mountain top mining, fracking, and more drilling, to stop genetic engineering, and incredibly importantly – save our farmers and ranchers. [Image]

But what is happening to supplements is little noticed but is of ultimate importance. The battle to save supplements is a battle to save nature and the accumulated wisdom of thousands of years of using it to heal.

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Sharks and the Food Safety Scam

By Ben Michaelson

The sharks are the corporations.  The blood in the water is from small farms.  The sharks are swarming now, seeking an absolute end of farming in the US, a plan of theirs with the USDA since 1972.

They were open about it then, with their intent published by U.S. House of Representatives:  “The Young Executives Plan to Liquidate Farmers: Product of an Official Committee Chaired by the Under Secretary of Agriculture.” Congressional Record. June 21, 1972, p. H5907.

Today, they disguise it under “food safety.”  Get rid of local farms that are producing safe food to have safe food.  Welcome to free trade agreements that aren’t.  Welcome to peace prizes for starting more wars.

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