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1000s Haitians march for food sovereignty; Bolivia enacts law for seed bank

Two key news items show that food sovereignty is gaining traction around the world: On June 21, thousands of Haitians again marched for a saner policy strengthening food sovereignty, the saving of natural seeds, and fair land prices. They staunchly oppose GM seeds. In Bolivia, on June 26, President Evo Morales signed a new law to spur small scale agriculture and create a national seed bank, while developing laws for biotech seeds.  Both Venezuela and Bolivia governments support genetically modified foods. ~Ed.
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No-GMO Scientist sacked; Swedes block illegal GM plants, get arrested; More

GM crops destroyed in UK March 2000

Earth freedom fighters are engaging with police in Sweden, while a Belgian researcher who supported the GM crop destruction last month just got sacked for her views. (Petition) Bolivia officials need to hear that they should oppose legislation allowing GMOs, while Peru just passed a 10-year ban on them. Australia will sell prime ag land to biotech, unless opposed… and much more.

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Breaking: BASF trying to plant GMO potatoes in northern Sweden – several police cars there, 7 activists arrested, others in pursuit. BASF trying to plant GMO potatoes in Sweden with police support. Show your solidarity with the protests! http://bit.ly/lGuucI Pls RT. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/getinvolved/gmo-potato/

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