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Save Your Supplements: Write the FDA Now – Here’s Why & How

By Scott Tipps
National Health Federation

Everyone with even an ounce of common sense has grave concerns about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recently released “Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues.”  This Agency sprang this trap on both industry and consumers without seeking any prior input from us at all.  It had almost 17 years to seek our opinion before coming out with this document, and now they are giving us a miserly 90 days to respond with our comments.

Please mail, fax, or e-mail your protest letter (Click Here for Sample Letter) to the FDA, and watch Kevin Miller’s “Shadows of the Future,” a 10-minute film on market control of the food and medicine supply. And listen to this Power Hour interview of Scott Tipps July 25, 2011 (hour 3).

Why is this issue so important?
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GM Foods and Senate Bill S510

By Sartre

If you are what you eat, we are all in deep trouble. What constitutes healthy food is a debate that can encompass different viewpoints. In spite of this, control of the food chain is a concern that crosses all ideological perspectives. The most essential of all human rights is the effective ability of access and ingestion of nutrients that are necessary to sustain life. Forced feeding of toxicants, as the only foodstuff available to the masses, is a true crime against humanity. Withholding safe food from the public allows for the gluttony of elites. These masters of the universe immunize themselves by hording nontoxic provisions as they ride a black horse. The Apocalypse of a food crisis is not an accident. The GMO designer cuisine is meant to supply a poisonous menu, until the final collective culling of the herd is ready for the planet.

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