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The New Kosher Is for Everyone

By S. Rubens

On a road trip, one stop at a service station brings home the brutality of what corporations have done to food in the US.

Lining the stores are walls of refrigerated soft drinks, each loaded with genetically engineered sugar or GE-high fructose corn syrup, and topped off with aspartame.  Coffee is loaded with pesticides and the sweeteners are cream with GE-bovine growth hormone in it or non-dairy creamer concocted of chemicals.  Corn chips are genetically engineered.  Cheese doodles are made from GE-corn or GE-soy or both, and to whatever degree there is any cheese in them, have GE-hormones in that.  Candy, row upon row, comes from GE-sugar or GE-high fructose corn syrup.  Bread is made from GE-soy or GE-corn.  Cooking oils are all GE-corn or GE-soy or GE-canola.  Cheeses are … (see below about what has happened to milk).  Meat – on top of GE-feed and slaughterhouse waste for animals to eat, the growth hormones to make them grow and antibiotics to cover how sick they are – is filled with cancer-causing colors and preservatives, and often meat glue is used and ammonia injected into the meat to try to kill off the salmonella ….

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State Rep. Sue Wallis on Wyoming Food Freedom

By Sue Wallis
Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Long before the advent of mass production, multi-national corporations, protectionist unions, and overzealous bureaucrats, the Good Lord and Mother Nature created human beings dependent on food harvested from living plants and living animals. This is one of the most intrinsic facts of life without which we cannot survive.  As living plant and animal tissue, everything we consume to sustain life, also carries with it the possibility of disease and decay.  If our prehistoric ancestors had not figured out how to handle, prepare and store these foods safely, none of us would be alive today.

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