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Foresight’s Global Food & Farming Futures report pushes GM crops

Two scientific takes — by Devinder Sharma and by Marcia Ishii-Eiteman — on Foresight’s Global Food & Farming Futures characterize it as a taxpayer-funded advertisement for the biotech industry which ignores the science proving GM crops do not increase yield, do increase the use of pesticides causing superweeds and other problems, and destroy farmer independence.

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Absolute power comes from absolute control over food

By Devinder Sharma
Ground Reality

Ever since I was a child I have been drinking milk bought directly from a small dairy in my neighbourhood. When I moved to New Delhi, for some months I managed to get my direct supply of milk from a neighbourhood supplier. But soon, the buffalo-keeper moved out his animals under pressure from builders. This was almost two decades back, and since then I am left with little option but to buy processed milk.

However, there are millions in India who can afford to avoid intake of processed milk and I think they are the lucky ones. I wish I could still buy my daily requirement of milk from the small neighbourhood dairies that dot the outskirts of New Delhi, and elsewhere.

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