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Occupy Together: California Nurses and Farmworkers Demand Justice

Back during his first turn as governor, Jerry Brown signed the 1975 historic Agricultural Labor Relations Act that established collective bargaining rights for California’s farm workers. It was the first time that farm workers were given the right to organize themselves, having been left out of the National Labor Relations Act enacted in 1935. In signing California’s law, Gov. Brown became an icon of the farmer workers movement.

Flash forward to June 22, 2011, when Gov. Brown vetoed the “Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act” just before the bill would have gone into effect, going against his history as a champion of farm workers.

Now, the Occupy Together movement has taken to the streets.

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Barter Market: Self Help Solution to Economic Disaster


In 2001, with the mainstream economy collapsing, thousands of working-class people in Argentina joined barter clubs to survive.

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