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Family Farmers Worse off Despite High Prices

By The Real News Network

TRNN interviews Timothy A. Wise, Research Director of the Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University, and leads its Globalization and Sustainable Development Program.

Since late 2006, crop prices have risen dramatically, reversing a decades-long trend that saw persistent declines in agricultural commodities prices. But are small-to-mid-scale family farmers really benefiting from the boom? No, according to the latest of three studies by Timothy A. Wise, who has looked behind the glowing headlines on the farm sector as a whole to examine how family farmers have fared in this high-price environment.

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Food Speculation: Banksters making a killing, literally

Two articles discuss food speculation as Wall Street continues to starve millions. “Get ready for a rocky year. From now on, rising prices, powerful storms, severe droughts and floods, and other unexpected events are likely to play havoc with the fabric of global society, producing chaos and political unrest. Start with a simple fact: the prices of basic food staples are already approaching or exceeding their 2008 peaks, that year when deadly riots erupted in dozens of countries around the world,” writes Tom Dispatch.

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