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Raw milk is dangerous and the other big lie

By Steve Green

The country is now waking up to the big lie about raw milk.

The public is learning it is not dangerous at all.  In fact, it is 35,000 times safer than other foods.  People are also learning that FDA-approved pasteurized milk is contaminated with Crohn’s bacteria which is killing over 800 people a year, and leaving huge numbers disabled.  To add visuals to that, people need only look at the difference between a calf fed raw milk and one fed pasteurized milk.  (Is this what US children’s insides look like who have living on pasteurized dairy products?)

The lie around raw milk is the essential and monstrous lie that undergirds our industrial food system.  It is necessary to convince people to distrust real food, to fear food from nature, untreated by humans, and the danger the industrial system points to are the live bacteria in it.

But bacteria are the essence of our immune system and are what we are actually referring to when we talk about safe food.  Bacteria are goodgoodgreat, and amazing.

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A National Response to Two FDA Armed Raids on Rawesome

By Victor Rawls

The two SWAT team raids ordered by the FDA on Rawesome, an organic food coop in LA, represent “food safety” come home to roost, in all its vulture reality.  First time, they used armed FBI; the second time, having faced such still resistance from non-resisting people, they multiplied their attack using armed LA police, Ventura County Sheriffs, the California Department of Ag and several other agencies.

People across the country are stunned and enraged, but most are not aware of the one small thing which has allowed this to occur.  To understand how key that little detail is, one must go back to how “food safety” got its power and how it works its magic.

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