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CEO does stand up


Good evening.

My name is … well, use Ron. That’s good enough. It sounds common, ordinary. Like I’m one of you. Which I’m not.

I’m a corporate CEO. I certainly wouldn’t give you my real name and let you use it. Forget it.

Ron. Or Earl. Whatever.

I’m only here because I’m bored out of my mind.

I’ve done the getting rid of manufacturing bit (NAFTA, CAFTA, SCHMAFTA – I mean how many ways can you rig an agreement and call it Free Trade and keep a straight face?). I’ve done the stealing people’s homes bit (jack up the rates, lower the rates, make it impossible to get mortgages, give bad mortgages away, up down, up down, geez, Louise, it worked so great but it made me dizzy.

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Mexican Migration and Food Policy

By Laura Miller
MCA Youth

No matter what your opinion on Arizona’s immigration law, Laura Miller makes the point that immigration is based on agricultural policy, both in the US and Mexico. ~ Ed.

With Arizona having passed the draconian Senate Bill 1070, sections of which were blocked by US District Judge Susan Bolton last July, it is high time to seriously think about why so many migrants are coming to the US from Mexico and Central America in the first place, which is something most US policymakers don’t want to talk about. And the reasons for them coming, more often than not, are rooted in agricultural policy, both in the US and abroad.

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