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San Francisco to host Biosafety Alliance Conference featuring Vandana Shiva

By California Biosafety Alliance

The conference, Justice Begins with Seeds, will be a space for movement building to actively address the symbol of the corporate food regime: genetically modified foods; to address the many layered implications of GE/GMO food; and to build strategic coalitions and deeper collaborations amongst diverse stakeholders for more widespread political action addressing GMOs in varying levels throughout the state of California.

Justice Begins with Seeds
September 14 to 17, 2011
San Francisco, California (Mission District)

Vandana Shiva will keynote the event, and panelists include scientist whistleblower Ignacio Chapela, Marcia Ishii-Eiteman (Pesticide Action Network), Eric Holt Gimenez (Food First), and author Jeffrey Smith.

Proposals for panels or workshops are still being accepted.

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Wikileaks: State Dept. wants intel on African acceptance of GMOs

By Tom Laskawy

The Wikileaks release of U.S. State Department classified diplomatic cables may be problematic, but it has been quite a trove of information on the workings of our diplomatic corps. For the most part, the dump has confirmed things that we already knew about U.S. policy — and that seems to be the case regarding the one mention of agricultural policy in these thousands of emails and documents (no doubt there are more) to which I was alerted.

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