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Boulder CO bans GM crops on county-owned land

By Dr Mercola

In November 2011, about 250 Boulder County residents attended a public meeting to discuss the planting of GM (genetically modified) crops on county-owned land. Their turnout, together with an anti-GMO (genetically modified organism) recommendation from the county’s Food and Agriculture Policy Council, led county officials to vote for a phase out of genetically engineered crops on open space.

This is a powerful testimony to the influence residents can have on their local regulations when they stand together for a cause; you, too, can work toward enacting such a phase out in your area as well.

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Oh, what they did to sacred corn! Genetically-Engineered Corn and Hispanics

Mural in Oaxaxa, Mexico

By Rosa Escondido

It’s disturbing walking through HEB, and seeing overweight Hispanic families attempting to find good food for their families.  It is hopeless because the food has been rigged against them, and more against them than any other segment of the country.

As Hispanics have developed diabetes, the government tells them that they have a genetic predisposition to diabetes which is why they have more than other groups.  Or it tells them that they feed their children poorly, or it tells them they don’t get enough exercise.  What it doesn’t tell them is the truth.

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