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One farmer acts to save environment from factory farms

Lynn Henning of rural Michigan won a prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize this year for her work monitoring concentrated animal-feeding operations. It's part of her effort to protect the environment from the effects of factory farms. Photo by Tom Dusenbery/Goldman Environmental Prize

By Yvonne Zipp
Christian Science Monitor

When farmer and environmentalist Lynn Henning saw what factory farms were doing to the land and water, she had to act.

Clayton, Mich. Lynn Henning doesn’t look much like the stereotypical environmental activist. She has no visible piercings, and neither hemp nor Birkenstocks feature heavily in her wardrobe. In fact, the white-haired Michigan woman looks very much what she is: a grandmother and farmer’s wife.

But on April 19, Henning became one of the 2010 winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize, sometimes called the Green Nobel, the largest prize in the world given to grass-roots environmentalists.

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