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Doctor Confronts D.A. Over Rawesome Raid

M.D. Stands Up for Nature’s Perfect Food


By Dr. Edgar Lucidi

A letter to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in Response to the Seizure and Destruction of Milk and other natural, unprocessed foods.

I am writing to express my opposition to the recent unwarranted raid of this buying club. Raw goat milk is nutritionally superior to and much safer than pasteurized milks, particularly those laden with antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. From a bacteriological aspect it is also much safer, as pasteurized milk begins to show a much higher pathogenic bacterial count within a few hours after the enzyme destroying pasteurization process. Lastly, it is known that newborn animals will not survive if fed pasteurized milk; as to humans, it causes a whole host of diseases.

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Largest Farmers Market in South Florida opened today

By Rady Ananda

Just got back from the much-anticipated opening of South Florida’s largest market, Yellow Green Farmers Market, in Hollywood. Even with 100,000 square feet of space inside, the place was packed. Parking overflowed onto the grassy knolls, while cops directed traffic on Taft Street. The Jay Blues Band kept us entertained in the outside shelter where folks ate some of the scrumptious offerings.

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