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USGS: Glyphosate pollutes air, rain and rivers in US

By Rady Ananda

Two new studies by the U.S. Geological Survey reveal the pervasive spread of the biocide, glyphosate, mostly used as a weedkiller for crops genetically engineered to resist it.

Used in formulations by Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and others, glyphosate has been linked to spontaneous abortions in livestock, birth defects in humans, insect resistance, and weed resistance.

Worse, regulators have known for years of these links, Earth Open Source reported.

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Vietnam welcomes back Monsanto, via GMOs

As if they couldn’t get enough birth defects and ecocide from this war criminal..

Just Don’t Do It

By An Dien
Thanh Nien News

Investing in GMOs is the worst decision Vietnam could make at this time, putting its food sovereignty at risk, independent scientists say

A Thai organic farmer pretends to be dead after eating GM corn during a protest against the introduction of genetically modified organisms(GMOs) to Thailand outside the Government House in Bangkok in 2004. Opponents say that investing in GMOs is the worst decision Vietnam can take at this juncture when the market for GM crops is shrinking and more evidence emerges about its long term implications.

The jury is not really out on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Activists are unequivocal that they are very harmful to human and environmental health. They point to the many lies and discredited information its proponents keep pushing as evidence. The proponents, meanwhile, hail it as a scientific advance that has the potential to solve the world’s hunger problems.

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