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Monsanto-funded legislators suppress WA’s GMO-label bills, lie about funding

By Rady Ananda

If Washington State’s GMO-label bills, HB 2637 and SB 6298 don’t get voted out of committee by Friday at 5 pm, they’re dead, which is exactly what Monsanto-funded legislators on both the House and Senate Ag committees want.

The Senate’s Agriculture and Water & Rural Economic Development committee chair, Democratic Sen. Brian Hatfield, and two Republicans, Sens. Jim Honeyford and Mark Schoesler, have all taken money from Monsanto, reports the Organic Consumers Assn.

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Milk War driven not by ‘Nanny State’ but Josef Mengele

Organic raw milk vending machine in France. (Image).

By Rady Ananda

“In this war, the enemy will continue to up the intimidation quotient. To the exten[t] the targets go along with the bully’s demands, they lose.” ~ David Gumpert

By criminalizing healthy foods and subsidizing toxic ones, food “safety” authorities are experimenting on us without our consent.

The difference between raw milk and government-approved commercial milk is the difference between fresh and poisoned.  The former is unadulterated from animals raised in clean, humane conditions, which our species has been drinking for thousands of years.  The other is full of drugs and GMOs from animals raised in over-crowded, filthy, inhumane conditions.  Yet it is the former which food “safety” authorities are criminalizing.

“You have got to be kidding,” remarked California goat herder Sara Grusky in an open letter reproduced below.

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