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Lifeboat Survival: Alternative Markets, Barter Systems, and Local Co-ops

Interview with Brandon Smith, founder of Alt-Market.com

By Eric Blair
Activist Post

More and more people are becoming aware of the complete system failure we’re experiencing in the United States and around the globe. As the true nature of the control system is revealed, people tend to feel as Howard Beale did in Network when he said, “first, you’ve got to get mad…and scream, I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

But once that anger at being lied to for so long subsides, then we must get on with the business of taking action to make the world more just and hopeful for our children.  Many people will take to the streets to protest certain aspects of the current system. Others will do everything in their power to inform or warn their peers of the coming iceberg. Those are good and necessary functions, but they won’t stop the Titanic from sinking.

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Wikileaks: Canada and U.S. Work to Suppress and Spy on Indigenous Communities

Brazil 2008, Survival International, AP photo by Gleison Miranda, Funai

By Indigenous Review

First, from Brenda Norrell’s exceptional effort to keep us all abreast of a wealth of daily news concerning indigenous struggles–CENSORED NEWS: Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights–some extracts (please see the complete articles at the links below), with the most recent articles listed first:

Wikileaks: Top six ways the US and Canada violated Indigenous rights–Wikileaks reveals how the US and Canada worked globally to systematically violate Indigenous rights:

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