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How international food policies shape our food system at home and abroad

Nourish Life interviews Raj Patel

What is “food sovereignty”? How does it relate to “food security”?

What does it mean to be free from hunger? Food security is the idea that governments use to talk about citizens not being hungry, and it means that you have access to enough food to live healthily. Sounds like a good definition, except for when you realize that it’s possible to be food secure, say, in prison. You’ve got access, after all, so you’re not going hungry. But food security never talks about power in the food system—just your access to food. Food sovereignty is like food security, except that under food sovereignty, communities actually get to shape their own food policy and shape the terms under which everyone gets to eat.
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System Change, Not Climate Change

By La Via Campesina

Final Declaration of the 2nd Continental Encounter of Agroecology
Trainers in La Via Campesina
Monday August 8, 2011

The world is caught in a series of crises generated by the inherent greed of the capitalist system, characterized by control by Capital over natural resources. These include the food crisis and the climate crisis.

The fact that the number of hungry people in the world has risen from 800 million to one billion in recent years, coupled with the terrible famine in Somalia, shows us that the dominant corporate food system is unable to feed the world, while greenhouse gas emissions produced by the same agricultural model heat up the planet and threaten the Mother Earth.

Capital, represented by its transnational corporations, the media, formal education, landowning elites, and agribusiness, have now changed their discourse by appropriating terms and concepts constructed over generations by peoples’ movements.

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