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Monsanto illegally plants GM corn in India

By Coalition for a GM Free India

New Delhi/Bengaluru, 6 Feb. 2012: Ahead of a regulators’ meeting on February 8th 2012, and reacting to the confirmed reports of Monsanto’s illegal planting of Herbicide Tolerant (HT) maize in its GM maize trial, the Coalition for a GM-Free India demanded that Monsanto be blacklisted immediately.

The violation was revealed in a response of the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee to an RTI application.

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India sues Monsanto for biopiracy

By France 24

India has sued Monsanto for “bio-piracy” — stealing indigenous plants, and then trying to develop genetically modified versions of them, without giving any compensation back to the local people or nation where the plant originated. Representing one of the most agriculturally bio-diverse nations in the world, India has become a primary target for biotechnology companies like Monsanto and Cargill to steal local plants whose unique traits have been bred over thousands of years by local farmers, genetically modify them, then sell the seeds back as their own patented technology

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