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Canada Regulators, Info Suppression and Fish Collapses

Courting collapse

By Briony Penn

Both the Fraser River sockeye and Pacific herring stocks are, by many accounts, on the verge of collapse, just as East Coast cod stocks did in the late 1980s. In the case of the cod, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans ignored early warnings from scientists and threatened some with loss of their jobs if they spoke out. Is that pattern repeating itself on the West Coast?

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Bee Mystery Unsolved? Lead Investigator Had Connections to Pesticide Maker

Paid researchers are off working on anything but the pesticide issue.

By Nitasha Tiku
New York Magazine

[On Oct. 7, the] New York Times featured a heartwarming ending to the years-long murder mystery of what was causing Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) among honeybees. Experts suspected pesticides or genetically modified foods, but the article reported that the University of Montana’s Bee Alert Team, working alongside the Army, found the cause: the combined effects of a virus and fungus. Data sharing! Chance discoveries! Honeybees live on to sting another day!

But according to Fortune, [reproduced in full below] there were a couple of details left out of the front-page story. The team’s lead investigator, Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk, may have previously dropped out of testifying in a class-action lawsuit after he received a significant research grant from the pharmaceutical giant Bayer.

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