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Protective flood berm collapses at Ft Calhoun nuclear plant; KSU has radioactive leak

Highlighted in yellow above, the protective berm is a water filled “AquaDam” that collapsed early Sunday morning.  (Extra large size image here.)

June 29 UPDATE: 10-mile evacuation radius ordered.

June 28 UPDATE: Water has leaked into the building housing the cooling pool where spent fuel rods are stored (not to be confused with the dry cask storage building circled below). They consider the floodwaters in that building radioactive.

By Rady Ananda

Overwhelmed by the rising Missouri River, a 2000-foot stretch of a protective water balloon, surrounding the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant in Nebraska, collapsed at 1:25 AM on Sunday, June 26.

Two days earlier, Kansas State University reported an emergency when radiation leaked at 149 times the Derived Air Concentration (DAC) limit for Iodine during a trial run of its reactor.

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