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10 Counterinsurgency And ‘Psy-Ops’ Tactics Companies Use Against Protesters

Psy-OpsImage: fh via flickr Army psychological operation soldiers

By Robert Johnson
Business Insider

Environmental activist Sharon Wilson showed up to an oil industry event in Houston last week and caught a startling glimpse into how the fracking industry approaches residents in towns where they drill.

Wilson recorded industry insiders confirming they hire military psychological operation veterans, and use procedures pulled straight from the Army’s counterinsurgency manual.

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‘The Amazon is Life’ warrior fights Brazilian dam project

The Belo Monte dam is “the project of death”: Sheyla Juruna

By Leila Salazar-Lopez
Earth Island Journal

Q&A with Sheyla Juruna, Indigenous woman warrior from the Brazilian Amazon

If you’ve heard of the Belo Monte Dam and have signed a petition to stop it, you’ve probably seen a picture of Sheyla Juruna, Indigenous woman warrior from the Xingu River Basin of the Brazilian Amazon, who’s spent the last 20 years working to stop this dam from being built on the Xingu River in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon.

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