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The literal enslavement of the American farmer

Uncle Sam NAISBy Linn Cohen-Cole
February 26, 2009

The “food safety” bills now being contemplated by Congress enslave farmers to an industrial system (having to do its bidding or face penalties and prison so severe they function as whips). The bills will demand purchase and application of petrochemicals and drugs, rendering the farmers not only slaves but paying slaves (or else giving up), with the land and animals poisoned and/or genetically engineered.

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PA Church Ladies Raided by ‘Food Safety’ Cops

April 13, 2009

by Linn Cohen-Cole

Beware homemade pie and a glass of milk?

Unless one sees what has been happening already and who is behind it, it is difficult to believe that the bills in Congress can cover EVERYTHING, that “they” would do something so … totalitarian. It is exactly because it is so monstrous a grab for all control that it is hard to believe. 

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