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Supreme Court Sides with Livestock Concentration Camps Over State Law (of course they did)

By Activist Post

Once again the Supreme Court sides with corporate interests and federal law over state law in a recent case involving the livestock industry.  A California state law mandating the “humane treatment” of livestock sold for human consumption was overturned unanimously on Monday, as reported by CNN.

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How Green Is Your Thanksgiving Menu?

By Kiera Butler
Mother Jones

So you’ve got your free-range turkey. Your potatoes are strictly heirloom varieties. The cranberries for your sauce come from the local organic bog. Feeling pretty good about your Thanksgiving dinner, are you? Not so fast: The environmental footprint of food isn’t always what you’d expect.

Last Thanksgiving, PBS Need to Know took a hard look at the subject, from a diverse range of perspectives. In its podcast, which is definitely worth another listen, we hear from geophysicist Gidon Eshel, NASA agronomist Cynthia Rosenzweig, bestselling author Anna Lappé, agricultural analyst Philip Thornton, and animal rights activist Tara Oresick.

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