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Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed

By Alex Jones
Prison Planet TV

From aspartame to dimethylpolysiloxane (in McDonald’s chicken McNuggets) to genetic engineering, Alex goes after the US food supply, suggesting a deliberate plan on the part of elites to control the population. “This is a covert, soft kill operation.”

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A little silicone and petrol in your McNuggets?

McDonald’s makes US chicken McNuggets with oil-based chemical and Silly Putty agent.

By Rady Ananda

While the Food Safety police raid raw food co-ops and raw milk farms for selling foods that humans have enjoyed for tens of thousands of years, the US Food and Drug Administration allows giant corporations to sell food adulterated with health-damaging chemicals. McDonald’s chicken McNuggets made news again this summer after a CNN investigation found that England sells a healthier version than what the FDA allows.

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