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Global milk war ramps up as citizens face off with regulators

By Rady Ananda
Food Freedom

The battle for food freedom intensifies across the planet as citizens assert their right to raw dairy products unadulterated by drugs and genetically modified ingredients – in the face of authorities seeking to restrict our food choices and to criminalize entrepreneurs who operate outside the monopolized factory food system.

The State of Maine recently sued farmer Dan Brown for selling food and milk without State licenses, despite a local law that permits it. “Blue Hill is one of five Maine towns to have passed the Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance,” explains Family Farm Defenders.

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Dairy Farmer Michael Schmidt: 3 Weeks on Hunger Strike, Wants Talks With Canadian Premier McGuinty

By Good Food 4 All

Canadians: Contact your officials! (Info below)

Three weeks have passed and Canadian dairy farmer continues his hunger strike for food freedom. He has consumed only water and not even his normal daily glass of milk.  He’s lost about 30 pounds and is starting to look gaunt. He’s admitted that he is getting weaker and has had to stop working.

Mr. Schmidt wants to meet with Canadian Premier Dalton McGuinty to start a dialog on food freedom.  Last week he posted a letter to Mr. Mc Guinty. So far, Mr. McGuinty has ignored all requests to meet with Mr. Schmidt.

Does Michael Schmidt have to die?  He states that he is willing to because he believes in the freedom of food.  Obviously, to the Canadian government he is just a fly in the ointment, a nuisance.

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