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One Source: Codex, Tar Sands, and Vaccines

By David Varner

For those occupying various cities now to protest the bankers, remember that pharma IS the bankers.

“The Rockefellers and I.G. Farben worked together before World War II and during World War II. For all practical purposes, the Rockefellers and I.G. Farben were the Third Reich.”

The Bushes made their money in Nazi German and are tied closely to pharma and the Rockefellers. GW Bush had them as advisors when he pushed through “pandemic” laws in each state that are disguised martial law and would force untested (and unknown) vaccines (as well as unknown, untested drugs, chemicals and “medical” procedure) on the entire country with a mere declaration of an emergency (no proof required).

For those protesting the Tar Sands pipeline now, remember that pharma is the oil companies.

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Cantaloupes and What Polio Tells Us About Disease Scares

By Andrew Davis

As cantaloupe contamination makes the news, following on peanuts, meat, eggs, cookie batter, and sprouts in Europe, it is time to realize that food borne illnesses are invaluable.   They produce fear, the sine qua non of industrial agriculture, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry which itself depends on disease.

Little Red Riding Hood noticed something was wrong with the picture, and the public should be able to see the Wolf in things as well, once it notices its pattern:

Outbreak –> relentless corporate media focus on it – corporate-driven laws with regulations used not against corporations but against small farmers and other food producers –> the more to require more industrial processes destroying those producing safe natural food –> greater centralization and consolidation of monopoly power over food.

All the solutions – irradiation, chemical washes, injected ammonia, antibiotics, pasteurization, vaccines for animals – are antithetical to healthy food and to the very existence of local organic farmers.

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