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No Matter What the FDA Says – Clear This Out of Your Fridge

By Dr Mercola

Excerpts: For those who aren’t aware, about 80 percent of all the antibiotics produced are used in agriculture — not only to fight infection, but  to promote unhealthy (though profitable) weight gain.

Unfortunately, this practice is also contributing to the alarming spread of antibiotic-resistant disease – a serious problem that the FDA acknowledged in a 2010 draft guidance, which also proposed that livestock producers STOP using “subtherapeutic,” small doses of antibiotics in animal feed:
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The Right to Choose What We Eat

By Sylvia Fagin
The Bridge
Montpelier, VT

Does an individual really have the right to eat whatever he or she wants to eat? This is the fundamental question behind Rural Vermont’s food sovereignty campaign.

Rural Vermont, the statewide group dedicated to advancing economic justice for Vermont farmers through advocacy and education, is ramping up a campaign to encourage towns and villages to consider the issue of food sovereignty at their 2012 town meetings, according to Robb Kidd, an organizer with the group.

Sovereignty means supreme authority. Considering the issue of food sovereignty, Rural Vermont takes this position:

“We declare the right of communities to produce, process, sell and purchase local foods. In recognition of Vermont’s traditional agricultural systems, we assert these vital principles as the foundation of local Food Sovereignty.”

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