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Santa Cruz Family Farmers Agitate for Food Sovereignty

Raw milk farms seek to prevent crackdowns

In addition to today’s “Milk-In,” local farmers drafted a county-wide food sovereignty ordinance that a Commissioner will present next week.

By Good Times Santa Cruz

Due to a recent government crackdown on raw goat’s milk herdshares across the state and nation, many farmers are taking action to preserve their right to freely grow and consume food for personal use.

“When [the government is] stopping herd-share farms, they’re stopping private businesses where it’s private people making their own private decisions and getting all their produce from their own animals,” says Michael Hulme, owner of Evergreen Acres Farm in San Jose.

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Moms rally to defend raw food after Rawesome raid; Nevada gets busy

By David Gumpert

[Excerpts]  Last week’s multi-agency assault on Rawesome Food Club in Venice, Calif., marked the first time individuals associated with a food club or a small farm had actually been thrown into jail, in this case charged with 13 felonies and misdemeanors, and held on high bail (requested between $60,000 and $130,000).

Many of the 2,000-plus members of Rawesome are extremely upset. Now, they have joined forces with members of a Maryland food club, Grassfed on the Hill, to form a new national association of food clubs, the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, intended to fight the federal and state crackdowns on private food groups and farmers.

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