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Is Processed Fast Food Really Food?

By Dr. Mercola

McDonald’s is the poster child for the modern Western diet, and I’m pleased that people are finally starting to wake up and ask some questions. Such as: Is processed fast food really food?

I would argue that anything processed to the point of being everlasting is NOT actually food and should not be consumed.

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Canada bill C-474 to regulate GMOs; save real food farmers

GM, not Bill C-474, a risk to industry

By Lucy Sharratt
Western Producer

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network provides another view on GM bill proposal

Thursday April 1 next debate with oral vote, official vote April 14

Bill C-474 is not, as Rick White of the Canadian Canola Growers Association argued in this space March 18, a “significant threat to the future competitiveness of our industry.” The issue here is not the future of canola but of other crops that don’t incorporate genetically modified traits.

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