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Monsanto’s Minions Attack CA’s Right to Know About GMOs

By Alexis Baden-Mayer
Organic Consumers Fund

You can’t argue with consumers’ right to know what’s in our food. That’s why 9 out of 10 people support labels for genetically engineered food.  But, money talks, and companies like Monsanto that have gotten rich hiding GMOs in our food are already on the attack in California, where a movement to label GMOs is working to get the issue on the November 2012 ballot.

Monsanto found an ally in Dan Morain at the Sacramento Bee who tried to find fault with the CA Right to Know/Label GMOs coalition.  Here are Morain’s points, along with our rebuttal.
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Washington State to hold public hearings on GMO food label bills

By Rady Ananda
Activist Post

Washington’s state legislature will hold public hearings this week on two new bills that would require labeling for genetically engineered raw agricultural commodities and genetically engineered ingredients offered for retail sale.

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