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Monsanto-tied scientist abruptly quits key USDA research post

By Tom Philpott

On a slow Friday afternoon, a surprising bit of news came down the pike: Roger Beachy, head of  National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), the main research arm of the USDA, has officially resigned his post, effective May 20.

Who is Beachy? When Obama hired Beachy in 2009, I got a case of policy whiplash, because it seemed to me that the administration kept whipping back and forth between progressive food-system change and agribusiness as usual. Beachy, you see, came to the post from the Danforth Plant Science Center, where had he served as the organization’s president since its founding in 1998. Nestled in Monsanto’s St. Louis home town, Danforth has long and deep ties to Monsanto.

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Evangelical push for GM foods: USDA’s NIFA chief calls opponents ‘ignorant’

USDA chief of National Institute of Food and Agriculture calls GM food opponents ignorant

By GM Watch

This October 7th programme, part of the BBC World Service’s One Planet series on the environment, interviews genetic engineer Dr Roger Beachy. Beachy’s interview appears to be part of a new evangelical push on the part of the U.S. government, hyping GM crops as the solution to world hunger.

In the BBC interview, Beachy claims GM is being demonized but then proceeds to demonize organic production, as he has done before (even suggesting organic food may be dangerous to eat!).

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