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S 510 and Cancer

By Jeremy Lasko

High dose Vitamin C’s impact on a man in New Zealand is stunning and wonderful news being heard around the world. The behavior of the hospitals and medical establishment, on the other hand, is causing outrage.

In August 2010, 60 Minutes reported on Intravenous Vitamin C curing a New Zealander’s swine flu just as life support was to be terminated. Dairy farmer Allan Smith had been in the hospital for weeks. Doctors felt certain he would die and wanted to take him off life support. This dramatic 18-minute report shows his “clouded out” lungs indicating “white out pneumonia”:
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Senate Judiciary Committee Amended S 3767, Not out of the woods yet

By Dr Rima Laibow
Natural Solutions Foundation

While a good start, the “serious” harm amendment (HEN10891) added to S 3767, the Food Safety Accountability Act, by the Judiciary Committee on September 23rd is not sufficient to protect food distributors from bureaucratic and criminal harassment.

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