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Fair Game: How to survive an irrelevant Congress

By Paul Andersen
The Aspen Times

As Democrats and Republicans jeopardize national security by jockeying toward the next election cycle, Congress has made itself irrelevant to the needs of the American people.

A “corrupt duopoly” is how New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman labeled our paralyzed two-party system at the Aspen Ideas Festival: “Our nation,” said Friedman, “is facing the biggest decline in national values since the rise of the Greatest Generation.” Despite enormous geopolitical challenges, national policymakers spurn collective action. “We are in a slow, gradual decline,” concluded Friedman. “And the worst thing? People are getting used to it.”

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Food & Farm Agtivist Retreat August 10-16 Sedgwick, Maine

By Food for Maine’s Future

Food for Maine’s Future will host a small number of people for the week for farmwork, workshops, farm tours, and really good food. The Food & Farm Activist Retreat will take place in Sedgwick, Maine, from August 10 -16.

A community dinner will take place Sunday, August 14 as a fundraiser for the 2012 Food Sovereignty Training Camp. The meal will feature food from local farms and waters. Donations for our silent auction are welcome.

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