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Is the Global Economy Going Rogue? How going local is THE cutting-edge survival skill

Why We MUST Start Living More Locally…Before It’s Too Late

By Ellen LaConte

The elephant in the room of our political dithering and partisan complaints is a global economy that’s too big not to fail. Learn about five indicators that the elephantine economy is about to go rogue and make localization a cutting-edge survival skill.

No doubt you’ve heard the great news: Globalization is going to save the world. Sure, things are (really) bad right now, but as more nations join the global economy, their economies will become more integrated, and their interests and goals will become more aligned. As the economic playing field levels, perceived inequalities between ethnicities and belief systems will be ironed out. We’ll all work together to combat problems like global warming. And, ultimately, we’ll all be borne forward on a tide of economic prosperity until we reach the shores of a big, happy, peaceful, unified world.

It all sounds very progressive and promising. Too bad it’s just a collective pipe dream—and a very dangerous one.

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Top 10 Survival Downloads You Should Have

By Modern Survival Online

There are tons of good downloads in the Survival Database Download section of this website. For this article – I have selected 10 that everyone should have either printed and put away, or placed on a USB drive – or better yet both.

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