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Many Restaurants Fake it as Demand for Organic Food Rises

By Aaron French
Earth Island Journal

Excerpt:  The trend towards local, sustainable, and organic foods is ever increasing. As a response, chefs often write some variation of the now obligatory sentence at the bottom of each menu: “We use organic, local, and sustainable sources for all our products, when possible.” And here lies a serious conundrum: the seasonal and uncertain nature of organic, sustainable food means that some wiggle room is necessary to allow for variation in harvest and availability. Yet chefs can use this wiggle room to do nothing at all, or, worse yet, to cheat the system directly.

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Oil, climate, land use impact sustainable food systems

Australian Group Wants National Debate on Food

By Jessica Burke
Food Magazine

Sept. 1  A Sydney food campaign group says Australia needs a major overhaul to ensure fair, sustainable and resilient foods systems are in place and has called for a debate on the issue.

The Sydney Food Fairness Alliance (SFFA) expressed their concerns in a submission on the National Food Plan due today, where they have highlighted their concern about how the food environment will be impacted by climate change.

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