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The Monopolization of Biodiversity: Terminator Bioscience and the Criminalization of the Harvest

By Brian Wolf
Department of Sociology, University of Idaho
Theory & Science (2007) ISSN: 1527-5558


This theoretical work explores the interrelationship between science and industry by looking at a specific process of genetic modification and how it is related to a specific form of social organization: monopoly capitalism. A great deal of controversy and dissent has been generated in recent years as several agribusiness giants have pioneered a way to end a seed’s ability to reproduce itself. This so-called scientific advance has been dubbed “terminator” technology. This work links the science behind terminator technology with the requirements of the monopoly capitalist system and its quest to commodify and control all aspects of nature.

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Video: Vandana Shiva – The Future of Food

20-minute talk by Vandana Shiva

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