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Are the raw milk raids to distract from something far more deadly to farming?

By William Davis

People have been saying that the FDA goofed because their attacks on Rawesome and California’s cease and desist orders for goat herders have galvanized public attention to the issue of raw milk and safe food.  But when corporate media gives time to grass roots anti-corporate issues, there is usually a purpose.

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Sen. Coburn’s Detailed Concerns with S.510

By Senator Tom Coburn

Growing an Already Disjointed and Duplicative Federal Government

In 2008, GAO testified before a House subcommittee that “FDA is one of 15 agencies that collectively administer at least 30 laws related to food safety. This fragmentation is the key reason GAO added the federal oversight of food safety to its High-Risk Series in January 2007 and called for a government wide reexamination of the food safety system. We have reported on problems with this system—including inconsistent oversight, ineffective coordination, and inefficient use of resources.”

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