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People’s Food Policy Project Launches Resetting the Table

By People’s Food Policy Project

PFPP, a national network of food- concerned citizens and organisations, released Resetting the Table: A People’s Food Policy for Canada, a report outlining a more just and ecologically sound federal food sovereignty policy.

Resetting the Table calls for a federal food policy that ensures Canadians healthy, local food, supports producers, involves the public in decision-making and creates a children’s food policy.

“Our food system is failing us,” said Amanda Sheedy, PFPP coordinator. “Close to two and a half million Canadians regularly don’t have enough to eat, thousands of family farms are disappearing, one in four Canadians is considered obese, and the environment is being pushed to the limit. The status quo is no longer an option.”

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Texas College Converts Football Field into Organic Farm

The Food for Good Farm is located on two acres of campus that was once home to the football field of Paul Quinn College located in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas. The farm is entering its third season on a field where 4 inches of football sod and soil were replaced with truckloads of organic material, explains Courtney Moran.

By Mark Winne
Civil Eats

Highland Hills is one of those down-and-out communities that’s allowed a glimpse of prosperity but never gets to taste it. The Dallas skyline looms large across the hazy north Texas horizon and is linked to this poverty-plagued neighborhood by a seven-mile ribbon of light-rail steel.

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