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Reclaiming the Global Food System without GMOs: New Report

A new report by War on Want condemns the global industrial food system for its massive profits for the few, while one-sixth of the human population suffers from starvation. Instead, agroecology and food sovereignty models provide where the corporate state fails.

Below are excerpts from Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming the Global Food System, including the section on genetically modified crops.

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War on Want: Take back control of our food system

By War on Want

For the first time in human history, over a billion people have been officially classified as living in hunger. This scandal is not a consequence of poor global harvests or natural disasters. Hunger on this scale is the result of a global economy in which hundreds of millions of small farmers, fisherfolk, pastoralists and indigenous people have faced ruin through the hijacking of the global food system by large agribusiness and food retailers.

In response, War on Want, in partnership with La Via Campesina and other allies, has published an alternative:  FOOD SOVEREIGNTY: Taking back control of our food system

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