BP Genetically Modifying the Gulf of Mexico

By Michael Edward
Blue Plague.org

Evidence that BP used synthetic microorganisms to clean up the oil in the Gulf of Mexico indicates that the genetically modified bacteria are altering the DNA of species throughout the food chain impacting all biota, including humans, writes Michael Edward.

The Perfect Genetic Storm: Synthetic DNA and the Gulf Blue Plague

There’s a new proprietary recipe being force-fed to all of us here on the Gulf of Mexico that is now becoming available worldwide. Although this recipe has been closely guarded for 8 months, we were able to break it down after examining the plentiful supply us “Gulf Coasters” have available here. The ingredients are abundantly available while both the recipe and the brewing process are not as secret as everyone had thought.


Fill a large bowl with saline ocean water, add a generous proportion of thick crude oil, then pour in a cup of liquid Correct-it (available from Nalco under the brand name Corexit) making sure you don’t spill any on yourself, stir gently, and then let it sit for a day or two. As the newly thinned oil mixture begins to sink to the bottom of the bowl, make sure the resulting gasses are allowed to ever-so-slightly bubble in orange foam on the surface. This will let you know you’re ready for the next and most important step.

Quickly add Syn-Bio (available from JCVI, SGI, and other private companies) along with a colloidal mixture containing iron, copper, and other natural elements to begin the interactive brewing process. Let it sit for no less than 6-9 months making sure nothing is allowed to disturb it. When there is no more gas coming to the surface and the mixture on the bottom turns into a gelatinous black goo, the first stage of the recipe is finished.

The amazing thing about this new state-of-the-art recipe is what it becomes after the initial first stage brewing process is finished. No-one knows! It’s no wonder some have begun to refer to it as The Blue Plate (BP) Special. You can be assured that once the second stage of this concoction begins to release its mutated biological ingredients, as it appears to have done so already, the rest of the world will abruptly notice.


There was never a BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. When you fill a glass with water, bump into something while holding it in your hand, and then some of the water splashes out, that’s a spill. When you turn on a water faucet and allow a continual flow to fill the glass so that it’s constantly overflowing, that’s not a spill. Because the multiple BP drilling operations that began at Mississippi Canyon 252 in 2009 fractured the floor of the Gulf of Mexico sometime before April 22, 2010, there is a continuous flow of crude oil and, especially, oil derived gasses such as methane. That’s called an oil and gas flow.

Since the Gulf has a steady flow of toxic crude oil and gasses, then how do you stop it? You can’t. The only solution to the problem is to find a way to eliminate it before it has a chance to surface en mass. This is exactly what has, is, and will continue to occur in the Gulf of Mexico.


Toxic crude oil and gas can be changed, altered, or eliminated by microbes. Natural microorganisms in all the oceans, such as bacteria, have been known to do this over time, usually lasting decades and beyond. It’s a slow natural process. Yes, natural biology can do the job, but under continual flow conditions there is no possible way all the hydrocarbon-hungry microbes in the entire world can eliminate that much oil and gas fast enough. Time is the critical factor.

For the past decade, synthetic biology has been the new science realm. We now have engineered genetic biology that synthetically creates RNA and DNA sequences for both viruses and bacteria.

In the 1980’s, the fad was designer jeans. Now, we have designer genes.

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18 responses to “BP Genetically Modifying the Gulf of Mexico

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  2. Yo Rady,
    I posted this article on C1 as well…horrific repercussions about to cascade.
    I think of ANDROMEDA STRAIN…and nobody in MSM is saying a word.

  3. Sadly the writer is correct when saying “To my frustration, few have cared to listen. I’ve been ignored and shunned” I notice that too, I have a friend on facebook who lives near the gulf, and gets the same unresponsiveness from her friends when she post new finding regarding the poisoning of her friends near the gulf. This is alarming information the writer is sharing, news that needs a forum. I feel results of this genetic experiment is going to be a deadly venture, one that will have unprecedented results, but the blame will go unaccounted for and those who suffer and die, will become another statistic that we accept as just the way things are? 😦

    • like Russia did over the Chernobyl disaster, the US is doing over the Gulf disaster: media blackout

      spread the word about this article… the information must get out there

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  5. i live is australia and i think it is shocking how the american government treats it`s own people, we just had the worst natural disaster our country has ever faced and unlike you guys our government has slashed red tape and poured money in to help us rebuild…first the us failed to look after it`s own after katrina and now it`s doing the same after the bp disater..what does your government hve against it`s own people?????????

  6. i cannot believe it has allowed you people to suffer they way you have had to, Australians LOVE Americans we think of you people as our brothers and sisters and for them to let this happen upsets the average Australian, rest assured this story will go out to all my australian friends with myself asking them to post it and forward it on, our hearts go out to you brave people

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  9. It is another chapter in a book that we might call
    ” The Ways We Killed Mother Nature”.
    I cannot understand how humans in this century could have become so ignorant. Have some of us become so interested in cover-ups and control that we have lost all reason? The rest of us must not give up.
    Jeffrey Smith said that if just 5% of the US population will buy only nonGMO food that we can create the tipping point and win the battle. Go for it.

    Visit me here to learn about GMOs, Pesticides, and Insecticides.

    • Of the many disparaging monikers heaped on political leaders, “pathocrats” is probably the most compelling. I don’t know if they’ve bred with aliens or if they’ve genetically modified a conscience out of their breeding pool, but there is no doubt they feel no shame about destroying the biosphere, humans included.

  10. they hate us for our freedom as silly as it sounds. instead of just telling us we are no longer free and must work for gov. they trick you to..free home delivery, s.s.a., zone improvement, gov. employee status, corp. status, indemnity, privileges, benefits, fiat (not the car), quasi, debt, stellionation, collateralization, etc. can you demonstrate your injury? did you grab the cookie without notice?…does anybody care? Be the Change! NWO since 1940’s get your mind right. Michael Jackson L.O.V.E.

  11. It took millions of years of evolution to create this beautiful planet with all the flora, fauna and animals. BP. Governments. Out of control sceince. Out of control Corporations. Federal Reserve Bank and alot of greedy people have wiped it all away in the blink of one too many genetically modified creations. Even God can’t help us now. May God be with you all. Enjoy life while you still can. Its not going to last much longer..

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