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  1. Adding electronic fibers to your diet or The Stamp Act, Phage 2?

    Ambitious European Project Traces Food From Farm To Fork:

    More than a dozen colleges and companies have joined a consortium under the guidance of the University of Wolverhampton, to pilot RFID technology as it tracks the movement of fish, wine, pork and cheese through production and on to retailers.

    Farm To Fork (F2F):

    From the wheelchair, good night and good luck.
    Morning Star, Disabled Gulf War Veteran, USN

  2. charles scamman The attached link is unfolding in the state of Maine. This same story is being played out around the country and it can not be mere coincidence that so many states are trying to subjugate their citizens all at the same time.

  3. Nancy Moysiuk

    Have only recently discovered your website. I wondered if you were aware of a mass kill that my family observed on October 22, 2011 along the shores of Georgian Bay. Early news reports claimed 7000 waterfowl dead, although I would not be surprised if the final tally was higher. It also impacted fish, and I understand sturgeon were washing up dead. My family witnessed along our cottage beach hundreds of dead and dying waterfowl, which our provicial Ministry said was caused by Type E botulism. I have photos of the birds if interested.