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  1. Those interested in the food war, personal responsibility, government regulation, and other issues should be interested in the new Federalist No. 86 series by Publius MMX.

    Although many other issues are discussed, food production, food freedom, and agriculture are central themes of all three books.

    Food and farming issues are addressed and highlighted in each of the books (along with many others), and are particularly highlighted in Enough!.

    We would be happy to provide courtesy ebook verions of each of the books to anyone willing to provide an e-mail address.

    We invite you to read the series, and pass the word!

    Please visit us at http://recoveringfederalist.com

  2. We are food warriors. Check out our update on our urban homestead success and sharing the message. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsKthoE97gU