Georgia cops bust 10-year-old’s lemonade stand

By The Coastal Source

Midway police bust none other than a lemonade stand, because the three girls running it didn’t have a business license. The three girls thought if they sold enough lemonade, they could make money to go to the water park Splash in the Boro. Well they thought wrong. Midway police say, they’re breaking city law and have to go.

“It’s kind of crazy that we couldn’t sell lemonade. It was fun, but we had to listen to the cops and shut it down,” 14-year-old Casity Dixon said.

The girls had only been opened for one day before Midway’s police chief and another officer cruised by and saw the stand.

“They told us to shut it down [and we didn’t know why],” 10-year-old Skylar Roberts said.

“We had told them, we understand you guys are young, but still, you’re breaking the law, and we can’t let you do it anymore. The law is the law, and we have to be consistent with how we enforce the laws,” Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar said.

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26 responses to “Georgia cops bust 10-year-old’s lemonade stand

  1. This is what fascism looks like. No money can be earned in the US without the government being paid off.

  2. Here is certainly one community that should lay off their police force- let them get honest work.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I shared it on my Facebook page. :::sigh:::


  4. “City officials said it’s their job to keep everyone safe and healthy, and there can be no exceptions to the rules.” It would be interesting to know if the city water in Midway is fluoridated. If it is fluoridated, then it would put the lie to the quote extracted from this article, although it could be a matter of ignorance, i.e., their not knowing it makes people stupid.

    • yep, I just checked. Midway FLUORIDATES its water

      • yet we continually let fluoride and chemicals of all kinds into our waterways, and pee out chemicals into our sewers and yet they shut down a harmless lemonade stand! Unreal!

  5. As mean as it may sound, I kind of agree with the police department’s decision. Instead of taking a “poor me” attitude, the mother or someone should turn this in to a learning experience for these girls as to how business actually runs. Teach them how to get a business license, food handlers permits, state tax license, and find a place for them to legally set up shop. Teach them about marketing and start-up capital, and profitability. That you have to find a way to make enough money to cover all of your expenses, have a business plan and strategy. What a great summer project that would be! This could turn not just in to a lesson about working to earn money to go to a water park, but of how to start a business and turn it in to a profitable endeavor. By getting angry about the situation, the parents missed out on a fabulous learning opportunity for two young women who could someday be strong and smart entrepreneurs.

    • Nelsene McGinn

      I don’t recall that anywhere in the article did it say the parents got angry. Perhaps you ought to read the article again — maybe even a couple of times.

    • That’s not the point. Perhaps the parents did turn this into a learning experience for the girls — we don’t know. The point is that the police intervention was oppressive and completely uncalled for. Do they have nothing better to do than to bust little girls’ lemonade stands? The mother obeyed the police orders, but she was very disappointed that this happened to innocent girls just trying to achieve their dream through honest work and entrepreneuring. The parents’ reaction is not the issue, the police’s behavior is.

      • yeah, I totally agree here with Nat.

        Yes, of course, we hope the girls learn something positive out of the experience, but the real lesson is that the laws are oppressive and should not apply to minors.

        This coastal county — Liberty County (how’s that for a misnomer?) — is spending millions trying to draw foreign and domestic business but shits on its own citizens — and children, at that!

    • Well, in many countries you can’t have a bussiness license if you are not over 18 or you are studying at a state school, where state pays compulsory health and social insurance. If you get a bussiness license, you have to pay those insurances even if you do not make profit, that is about 100 euro a month minimal payment even if you do not make a buck, then you have to pay some more as a percentage of profit. So being an “enterpreneur” costs something like 100 euro + 15% from profit. Profit has to be large enough to make that negligible. It is a serious crime to run bussiness without license in many european countries.

      Well, in my country nothing would happen to them, beceause they are not over 15 and therefore cannot be punished. They could go shoplifting as many kids from ghetos go, and nobody would punish them.

  6. That is such bullshit~ And Stephanie….get a life. I had more than one lemonade stand as a child, now I run my own business. THIS is unreal that a child has to be put under the same laws as an adult. Plus, the police so could have turned their heads and smiled and even bought a cup of the lemonade making a real difference and allowed children to feel good about earning money.
    America and the fear driven society in which we have become makes me sad and sickened. This police officers have nothing better to do, seriously! Mowing laws, baby-sitting and lemonade stands that is what and how I made money and learned responsibility. Learn who your citizens are and you will then know what is being put in the lemonade! These are children NOT criminals. I am just so tired of seeing this kind of treatment. Yet we let that woman off who really harmed her child. This whole world is turning into a joke!

  7. N2theRepublic

    Can you say “Police State” now??? I knew ‘ya could!

  8. I feel sorry for those 3 girls, who just want to earn money little by little through selling lemonade. Their perseverance in achieving the right amount so that they could go to water park is what amazed me, they don’t want to rely upon their parents, so they made their own way to save . However, they should really abide the law and look for some other way beside selling lemonade, like baby sitting.

  9. When I first read this story in the newspaper I was shocked. Children putting up lemonade stands to raise money is the oldest thing in the book. I used to put up lemonade stands when I was a kid. Well, if kids need a business liscense to open up a lemonade stand, then why not arrest the kids who mow lawns or babysit for a living? They don’t have business liscenses either. Why would you trust children/teens without a business liscense to watch over babies if you don’t trust them to make lemonade safely? I just think this whole thing is ridiculous. People are always complaining how kids are so lazy these days but now they’re not even allowed to put up a lemonade stand! I guess it was good of the mother to not get upset and make it a learning experience for the girls, but if I were her I would’ve gone all hippie on the cops and made a big stink about it. Just to draw the attention of the public that this country is going crazy.

  10. We the sheeple…

  11. These things are a filthy abomination on our city streets! Dirty little children making and selling lemonade without any concern to health codes or any laws! AND THE ANTS MY GOD THE ANTS!!! I tell you these are gate way illegal enterprises. What’s next they become CEO of the global military industrial death machine. Better a crack/Heroin house in my neighborhood than a lemonade stand on my street corner!!!

  12. thugs in uniform

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  17. I can absolutely guarantee that the ordinance was misapplied and does NOT apply to people selling lemonade in their front yard! Has anybody bothered to look up these ordinances and research the issue? Nobody needs a “business license” unless you are operating a “business”, which is a legal term defined normally to mean “someone having a business license”. Until you have the license you are not under the regulations. Teaching these kids to “obey the law” without looking up the law is stupid, and the mother is being irresponsible and is guilty of teaching her children to obey facism and tyranny without question. The lesson that should be taught is how to fight tyranny and challenge wrongfully asserted authority. Show the kids how to research that ordinance, and how to write letters to the agencies who are attacking them and challenge this imposition of government power into the private lives of civilians.

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