National Action to End Chemtrails Day: March 20, 2012

By Matthus Jellison

Let Us, fellow Americans, citizens of this country and beautiful inhabitants of this wonderful planet, take action on the first day of Spring 2012 to end the spraying of what is known as Chemtrails.

These poisonous concoctions being sprayed everyday have been harming Life on every level on Earth for many years, although there has seemed to be a dramatic increase recently. These emissions are full of heavy metals, among other extremely toxic ingredients which damage our cells, suppress our immune system, and dampen our energetic fields. The MAJORITY of us realize this is polluting the very air we breathe, saturating our water supply, seeping into the soil we grow our food in, and degrading the abundance and quality of life for every living system.

If you aren’t familiar with the term Chemtrail or do not believe that the entire US (as well as Europe, Australia, etc…) is being poisoned this way, please do your research as this effects everyone. Or, watch this, the research has been done, proof and explanation:

We can get into the reasons why this is being done, about the official story that these are being sprayed to block the suns rays and to combat global warming. We can also talk about depopulation plans, the New World Order, the Illuminati and how the Military Industrial Complex is a tool for hidden dark agendas. I’m all for it, and those discussions need to be had as well.

But what can we do with what we have right now?
How can we work with this puppet government?
How can we end the poisoning of humanity and the Earth?

Those who know me know I have a lot more to say on these subjects, but for the sake of practicality and actually trying to get something done, this is what I’m proposing…

We tell the ‘powers’ that be, that we are fully aware of what has been going on, and that we want it to stop. Call your local Congressman/woman. Leave messages at your Senators office. Contact your local environmental protection agency. At least send an email. Take your own spin on it, sing a song, be polite, get pissed off. Look at the clouds. Make more people aware. Celebrate Spring. Detoxify your body.

No, I don’t think that complaining to our elected officials will really do anything, this isn’t a political problem, for it arose far from anything Democratic. The point is to get THEM talking about it. The point is, to really stir up the hearts of anyone involved, anyone who knows the people involved; the pilots, the crew, the guys who wheel the barrels of aluminum oxide to the jets. We need to embed this into the minds of the collective.

Here is where you can find any elected official or agency phone number

Send an email to the US Air Force asking why military jets spray deadly toxins over your head

This is really a problem of consciousness, and We The People need to help awaken the ones involved. We can stir this up as well. Say a prayer in consciousness every night, that every soul involved in the spraying of poisons in ignorance or knowing, be brought to Light. Envision the collective consciousness of humankind rising everyday and becoming more and more solid, electric white Light. This WILL raise the collective conscience to a level which will be impossible to do harm to others consciously.

Can we all keep this in our hearts and minds this Spring?

I believe we will see monumental changes in our society and culture soon. We are doing this. Sooner would be better than later.

Related: Fairfax, CA adopts resolution declaring town a Chemtrail-Free Zone (See Resolution here, and adoption notice here.)

22 responses to “National Action to End Chemtrails Day: March 20, 2012

  1. I emailed the Air Force and called all of my reps. The reps’ assistants played dumb and said they didn’t know what I was talking about. I’ll post this on FB and Twitter.

    • I just got off the phone with the EPA. I asked about “what are those big planes, very high in the sky, leave a line of white, cloudy trail behind them?” They were like ??!!?? They pawned me off to a local agency, I asked the same question and she said if I’d like to file a COMPLAINT I could and I said but why? Why would I file a complaint? Is it dangerous to my health? Then she said she had to take another phone call.

      But I kept pushing asking if she had another people calling about this and she did not answer, moved onto another subject.

      I say call rather email. Thanks for this web site. Good luck to you all. Get some colliodial silver.

  2. God the Father, maker of Heaven & Earth
    Maker of the Air above & the Ground below
    Look with eyes of Mercy upon us.

    Quash & eliminate the persecution & destruction
    being planned & carried out by evil people
    of ordinary men, women & children
    of your precious animals, birds & creatures

    For the sake of All that is good & beautiful
    which You have created, & is rightfully Yours
    we ask in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.
    amen, amen.

    maranâ’ thâ’

  3. And there shall be signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars

  4. Well, that youtube should definitely be watched, but NOT before you take some antidepressants!! Now I feel, um, depressed. Shiite, and I don’t put a whole lot of stock if any in the new testament, but..well…there you have it.

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  6. I contacted many local media outlets in my area asking why they did not cover chemtrails. The few who responded dismissed my inquiries as conspiracy theory–while they also gave me grossly inaccurate information about the way airplane contrail patters normally should react in the dry climate where we live. When I pointed out that a contrail in a dry climate should actually dissipate faster and not linger as they were claiming was normal, they then told me they could not pursue such a complex conversation. I’ve grown up here and never used to see these strange blankets of chemtrails linger so long. Yet experienced weathermen seem oblivious? Our media is unaccountable. Apparently, they have too many lunches to make and 401Ks to protect.

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  8. They are hiding Planet X. That is why they have sprayed every day globally for the past five years. They lied to us 27 years ago about Planet X and then they stole our money to build them safe places while they poison our food, air, water, medicine, and plan WW3 to annihilate America with the SCO, which will happen the same day as the next false flag to invade Iran.

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  10. Hmmm wonder why the increase in Alzheimer’s and Autism, ADHA, thyroid issues, etc, etc! I heard long ago workers in the aluminum field had higher chance of Alzheimer’s. Wonder where all the bees have gone? Between this and monsanto’s evil GMOs humanity is in trouble! Didn’t they use cloud seeding in Vietnam? And if they are blocking the SUN why are they streaking up the moon at night? Does the moon make Earth hot too now?

  11. Asthma is on the increase as well. This is more disgusting than GMOs even! That video with all the different scientists proves this is no conspiracy! What about the CTs working with HAARP? I think they are BIOengineering humans! Electrosmog from all the cell towers, WiFi, cellphones, TVs are working in conjunction with all this metal raining down upon us. The bees didn’t even have a chance! Without the bees you can kiss humanity goodbye! The elitist pigs of the 13 families must be stopped! Maybe everyone can start making some orgone to help! Do your research, please. This is an emergency!

  12. Getting really bad, chemtrails are increasing, GMO’s going unchecked. Our skys, water & food supplies are all being poisoned. Yesterday my utility company hooked me up to a smart meter, so now I can also be poisoned in my rural home with EMFs…….where will it end?

  13. Why are there no demonstrations organized? Enough people are aware and passionate enough that we might be able to make a statement. Media would HAVE to cover it.

  14. I agree with the above statement,,,WHERE ARE THE MARCHES, THE MASSES, we should be united in front of news stations around the country. I am all for a march in Washington. I think some of us should invest in gas masks to get more attention while holding up signs,,LETS GET THE BALL ROLLING ALREADY! Enough of us know about the poisons from above, you have to be blind not to notice the aerial attacks, relentless spraying day in and day out. There are thousands of photos, videos, people talking about this,,WE HAVE TO GO TO THE NEXT STEP, DEMONSTRATIONS,,
    I am just so frustrated that no one has organized a march.

  15. To the earlier comment, I as well contacted the news, I informed my local station here in Connecticut that I have interesting photos of cloud formations. She got back to me with an interest and asked to view the photos ahead of time. After no response, I did a follow up call to no avail. I was completely dismissed.There is a reason the media is not reporting this there is a higher order that has forbidden them to mention chemtrails. I myself just want answers, why, what is the long and short term health effects from all these chemicals, who is behind this, where is the funding coming from (I am sure taxpayers) and why is this kept so secret.
    Our planet is dying and these lunatics in power are stopping at nothing to bring us all down.

  16. OK. So, if all of this chemical spraying is true, how are those involved not being effected by the fallout?

  17. John McDonnell

    No proof has been given anywhere of there even being anything called “chemtrails”, of there being some secret operation doing whatever, or of anything else connected with the idea. Just a lot of supposition, unfounded accusation, a lot of fear mongering, and a misinterpretation of what’s observed.

    There are issues to be involed with, real issues. This is not one of them.

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