Three Approved GMOs Linked to Organ Damage

By Rady Ananda

In what is being described as the first ever and most comprehensive study of the effects of genetically modified foods on mammalian health, researchers have linked organ damage with consumption of Monsanto’s GM maize.

Three varieties of Monsanto’s GM corn – Mon 863, insecticide-producing Mon 810, and Roundup® herbicide-absorbing NK 603 – were approved for consumption by US, European and several other national food safety authorities. The data used for this approval, ironically, is the same data that independent researchers studied to make the organ damage link.

The Committee of Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN) and Universities of Caen and Rouen obtained Monsanto’s confidential raw data of its 2002 feeding trials on rats after a European court made it public in 2005.

The data “clearly underlines adverse impacts on kidneys and liver, the dietary detoxifying organs, as well as different levels of damages to heart, adrenal glands, spleen and haematopoietic system,” reported Gilles-Eric Séralini, a molecular biologist at the University of Caen.

Although different levels of adverse impact on vital organs were noticed between the three GMOs, the 2009 research shows specific effects associated with consumption of each, differentiated by sex and dose.

Their December 2009 study appears in the International Journal of Biological Sciences (IJBS). This latest study conforms with a 2007 analysis by CRIIGEN on Mon 863, published in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, using the same data.

Monsanto rejected the 2007 conclusions, stating:

“The analyses conducted by these authors are not consistent with what has been traditionally accepted for use by regulatory toxicologists for analysis of rat toxicology data.”

[Also see Doull J, Gaylor D, Greim HA, et al. “Report of an expert panel on the reanalysis by Séralini et al. (2007) of a 90-day study conducted by Monsanto in support of the safety of a genetically modified corn variety (MON 863).” Food Chem Toxicol. 2007; 45:2073-2085.]

In an email to me, Séralini explained that their study goes beyond Monsanto’s analysis by exploring the sex-differentiated health effects on mammals, which Doull, et al. ignored:

“Our study contradicts Monsanto conclusions because Monsanto systematically neglects significant health effects in mammals that are different in males and females eating GMOs, or not proportional to the dose. This is a very serious mistake, dramatic for public health. This is the major conclusion revealed by our work, the only careful reanalysis of Monsanto crude statistical data.”

Other problems with Monsanto’s conclusions

When testing for drug or pesticide safety, the standard protocol uses three mammalian species. The subject studies only used rats, yet won GMO approval in more than a dozen nations.

Chronic problems are rarely discovered in 90 days; most often such tests run for up to two years. Tests “lasting longer than three months give more chances to reveal metabolic, nervous, immune, hormonal or cancer diseases,” wrote Seralini, et al. in their Doull rebuttal. [See “How Subchronic and Chronic Health Effects can be Neglected for GMOs, Pesticides or Chemicals.” IJBS; 2009; 5(5):438-443.]

Further, Monsanto’s analysis compared unrelated feeding groups, muddying the results. The June 2009 rebuttal explains, “In order to isolate the effect of the GM transformation process from other variables, it is only valid to compare the GMO … with its isogenic non-GM equivalent.”

The researchers conclude that the raw data from all three GMO studies reveal novel pesticide residues will be present in food and feed and may pose grave health risks to those consuming them.

They have called for “an immediate ban on the import and cultivation of these GMOs and strongly recommend additional long-term (up to two years) and multi-generational animal feeding studies on at least three species to provide true scientifically valid data on the acute and chronic toxic effects of GM crops, feed and foods.”

Human health, of course, is of primary import to us, but ecological effects are also in play. Ninety-nine percent of GMO crops either tolerate or produce insecticide. This may be the reason we see bee colony collapse disorder and massive butterfly deaths. If GMOs are wiping out Earth’s pollinators, they are far more disastrous than the threat they pose to humans and other mammals.

Further Reading

Health Risks of GM Foods, Jeffrey M. Smith
Failure to Yield: Evaluating the Performance of Genetically Engineered Crops, Union of Concerned Scientists
Impacts of Genetically Engineered Crops on Pesticide Use: The First Thirteen Years, The Organic Center

Published in the March issue of Z Magazine.

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  1. Freaky, scary stuff! As hard as it is on our budget I think I’ll go back to only buying organic corn and products w/ organic corn – this is just way too disturbing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. There is an interesting article here
    on how researchers in Australia tried to devise, using genetic engineering a contraceptive virus for mice and instead created a version of mousepox that was incredibly lethal

  3. Valentine Dyall

    All good scary stuff. Could we have the comparable data for organic food? Those unfortunates who died from eating it in Californiaa couple of years ago. Did anyone check the organ damage?

  4. The Global Report has made a YouTube of this article:

    Alex Jones covered it, too, citing the HuffPo piece which cited me:

  5. In response to this article, posted a petition:

    Get Organ-Damaging Monsanto Corn off the Market. Sign the petition at

  6. I’ve always just known that it was not good for anyone. I really wish Monsanto was one of those companies that would go under. What have they done to tomatoes? Really they are void of taste but look pretty and if they do have a taste at all it
    tastes like fish. ICK! I’m going my own food and buying what I can’t grow ORGANIC all the way!

  7. Yeah, and Forbes magazine just named them company of the year. Their seeds are designed to take over crops and they are taking over the world. The entire article in Forbes was glowing about how awesome and profitable the company was and was completely designed to make those that hate on Monsanto look ignorant and naive. to be sure, the article is complete propaganda.

    • thx, Michael – yes, I saw this article, too. Amazing. Count on corporate media to defend corporate interests – to the exclusion of food safety.

      • Rady, not just the corporation. Where is the FDA? Where was the FDA when it came to doing the tests on BGH? Canada took the time to do the tests and will not allow BGH there. These government institutions that are there to “protect” us. Are not doing their job.

  8. Folks here have only observed the tip of the iceberg in health risks, as the GM modified corn will be used as feed – FOOD for many types of livestock, pigs and cows and possibly even poultry.

    Essentially the chemical residues – artifically produced pestcides notably in of some GM varieties, will soon be found in MANY sources of meats. And where presently one assumes you can remove much pesticide “residue” by washing produce in tap water, in GM corn – the pesticides are internal to the crop, so washing is totally useless, and cooking has no impact on reducing pesticides INSIDE the crop or meat products. shocking is all I can say.

    This is beyond bizarre, it is another scam – to perpetrate stupid long term low level poisoning common citizens. Your kidneys and liveer have to work for your lifetime, not a 90 day or few month study. Unbeleivable…

    Where are the regulators with common sense, and lack of conflicts of interest, and possessing a duty towards PUBLIC INTEREST.

    Clearly the testing was grossly inadequate in scope of risk mitigation and proper LONG TERM HEALTH ASSESSMENT.

    this is nuts

  9. There may be a reasonable argument that Monsanto should have looked for longer or in more species for toxic effects – I don’t know enough about toxicology to say. But I do know statistics, and the study that claimed there was actual evidence of organ damage used some very iffy techniques.

    Scientists generally define “statistical significance” as there being only a 5% chance of seeing the pattern by chance. But say you do 100 tests – you expect to see 5 significant differences even if there is no real difference at all. This is the mistake Seralina made.

    • Rick, that is a very simplistic understanding of statistics, and if you read close, , they do all the required hedging of their own results. Please be aware that even the most toxic drugs, all the pharmaceuticals for this and that, the Rx drugs…do not do long term studies. They rely on mass numbers and short time. Which the real world constantly shows to be a dangerous route to presumptive “safety.”

  10. so how do I avoid gmo products ?
    health food stores only ?

    I want food labeled at the grocery store.

  11. GREAT article. Sorry you lost credit. Finally a decent expose on this crime. I posted you on my facebook page! Would you mind a link on my website?

    • thanks, Dr. Jonathan – for the exposure on Facebook – and SURE, would love to be linked on your site. I strive really hard to publish the best of the web on the food and health connection. My only payment will be increased traffic, but that works for me. 😉

      Looking forward to your blog being built – and will want to post any food-health conxn pieces you may post.

      btw, i once used a chiropractor for six weeks with tremendous benefits… best of luck in your endeavors.

      • Dear Rady,

        I am gathering information together for a global legal class action case against Monsanto with the backing of a number of top lawyers worldwide. What do you think the best issue is to tackle them on successfully – with the most full-proof scientific evidence?

        Best Wishes

        • Dear Henry – Good luck with that!

          Other than what is referenced above, I’m also aware of the recent Russian study that linked reproductive failure to GMOs – Russia says genetically modified foods are harmful,

          which Jeffrey Smith later wrote about at HuffPo, Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality in Hamsters

          Jeff’s article is better than the Russian news report. But, you can see in Further Reading (above) others who have studied different aspects (yield and pesticide use).

          There are several sources you can further research in this report by India’s Enviro Minister, Decision on Commercialisation of Bt-Brinjal,, in which he includes some of the comments he received regarding Bt brinjal and GMOs in general. Scientists did contact him. I’m sure if you follow up you can find access to all the comments as they are public record in India.

          oy, if i knew the best method of attack, I’d be a global hero.


    • Hey, Dr. J ~ HuffPo corrected their article, attributing me instead of that plagiarist. Good for them!

  12. Hey, Don’t forget: WE have tremendous power here. STOP buying GMO’s! Tell your friends! You may be thinking millions of others will still support these companies, but remember: they only turn a fraction of their total income into profit. If we can change the minds of 5 to 10% of their market, we can bankrupt them. THAT is why they fight you so hard right from the start!

  13. Well… probably not bankrupt them completely, but at least make their Rule The World With GMO’s Plan unworkable. Heh..

  14. check out this Reuter’s report! whoa, daddy

    Monsanto options volatile after GMO research report:

    “KANSAS CITY, Jan 13 (Reuters) – Monsanto Co was the subject of active market moves on Wednesday because of research that showed organ damage in animals that ate its biotech corn, juxtaposed with the company’s new biotech products aimed at bringing in billions in new sales.

    “Monsanto shares fell as low as $80.50 early in the day, and were down 18 cents at $83.13 at midmorning.”

    Since that first link became broken once before, and it may happen again, here’s another link to the Reuter’s article:

  15. And this only addresses pesticide residues, not the other issue of alien proteins thsat some of these “foodstuffs” are packed with. Some are already noticed to be of a nature that inhibit bio-availability. (“eat me and stave”)

    • hey, Walt, if you have a link to any research on this idea (eat me and starve), that would be a fascinating and important read. I’d gladly post an article about it here on Food Freedom.

  16. this news is the best news of this month. i really appreciate your work and i hope we will have a non GMO’s world!

  17. Monsanto is killing genetic engineering. They seem to always find the worst possible uses for this technology. Making pesticides inside of cereal grains is criminal insanity.

  18. We all have a voice and our voice is our wallets. Don’t buy GMO products. Buy local and organic products. Monsanto and their dubious tactics are only causing harm and hurting mankind. Remember, our voice is through our wallets.

  19. the Non GMO Project has just released a new YouTube covering the breaking news from this article, plus additional research:

  20. Anyone having trouble with the above video in IE, try FireFox. There is another much longer video worth seeing on this site:

    I read both of Jeffrey M. Smith’s books. Seeds of Deception is an easy read and very informative. Genetic Roulette is much more technical and may not be for everyone.

    This site is also a source for a GMO free shopping guide.

  21. Whole Foods is participating in Silk soymilk products misleading claims and packaging regarding Silk’s switch to NON-ORGANIC soy. 89% of soybeans are GMO herbicide soaked beans. If soy is not organic it is almost certainly GMO, yet Whole Foods support’s Silk’s claim of ‘sustainable’ and ‘natural’ products, even though those words are meaningless and have no verification, as would be the case with organic ingredients. Some Silk soymilk is also processed with hexane, a petrochemical neurotoxin not allowed in organic labeled food. The Organic Consumers Association is calling for a boycott of Silk products. Tell your Whole Foods store to put a sign above these product to alert customers they are NO LONGER ORGANIC!

  22. enturies was for animals only, due to the makeup of protein in it. Unlike oat, it deserves to stay animal only. And the growing is, like cotton (one of the greatest water thieves in agriculture)growing , a disaster regardless of organic or not.

    To repeat0- gmo genes do not stay where they were shoved. They are transspecies run abouts.

    Thanks for the word about the silky voiced but no longer by nature milk replacement. Words no longer have meanings outside legislated ones. Most of those are on the other side. “Shall not mention ‘BSt Free'” being a good example of current state of words in courts.

    I use real milk, real butter, real vegie oil. Nature , when she is right for us, can’t be improved. Soy is not right for us, period, end of discussion there.

  23. Valentine Dyall

    Surely you know that the Séralini study has been discounted by all the authorities who have commented in detail on his paper, including the French High Council for Biotechnology? Yet you still trot it out.

  24. Feb. 13: Bullhorn Journal posted a youtube of interview with Seralini:

  25. Good article and thanks for your information.

  26. A version of this article appears in the March issue of Z Mag, online at

    You can also purchase the March issue from your local store or via ZMag contact, Lydia Sargent, 508-548-9063 or

  27. Marxist Hypocrisy 101

    I’d like to see a study performed by a group that doesn’t have ties to vegan/organic propaganda and financial interests.

  28. Dear M.H. 101 It occurs to me, but I should be decent enough to ask: are you a climate denier, or just a anthropogenic Climate Change denier?

    Do you like and adore Ayn Rand? Do you believe all science that says there are ills in the market is funded by and performed by anti-capitalists?

    You know, its not such a black and white world out here.

    Take me, I am not a vegan. I am not a believer in AGW and am definately not a fan of Cap and Trade. But my anti C and T is informed by the WallStreeJournal and by scientists who do believe in AGW. We meet in the grey lands that compose some 99.44% of the possibilities available, IMHO.

    As for the GMO issue. What have you NOT read about the biological underpinnings, the practices of gene manipulation? Because all the genetics I read “admits” the problems with stabalizing inserted gene snipits. But , hey, they may have all just become “scientists” as a cover so as to harm our wonderfull markets. And of course this goes for the likes of Teddy “roughridder” Rosevelt who only ran as president to forward Marxism. Don’t you agree?

  29. Worth mentioning that the reason one doesn’t see more (any) independent research on GMO crops is because the patent owners won’t allow their seeds or crops to be tested.

    One doesn’t need any more proof that the corporations profiting from this ongoing global train wreck own the government.

    Criminally insane? For sure. Look up a definition of sociopath and/or psychopath and compare it with the definition of a corporation.

    No conscience, only interested in personal gain, avoids personal responsibility, denies all wrongdoing while attempting to blame others….

    As for the quote about Teddy Roosevelt and Marxism, the same group who own the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England funded both Marx and Lenin. Might want to check out the Fabian Society if you are not already familiar.

    Oh yes, they are the ones pushing AGW and carbon taxes too.

    • you’re very correct, M. The docufilm, The Corporation, really opened up my eyes re the psychopathy of corporations. I’ve heard about the Fabian Society but have not researched it; will do.


  30. Corporations as psychopaths: or as vampires. No one has ever met one. They only send their “agents”. They last forever…don’t die…

    Per teddy, fabians, marxists….Teddy may have had, in hindsight, some stuff that would not pass conservative muster today, but tht is hindsight. It’s often hard to vet ones backers before history has time to settle. Fabians? we should have acted long ago!

    Per scientific studies. They are not “symetrical.l A study that asks one side may have a 5 % chance of” being wrong”. This does not imply, in any way, that a study asking the opposite question has a 95% chance of being wrong or only a 5% chance of being right. That is the unnoticed “asymetry” so often overlooked in popular press “reportage”. It all depends on which question one poses. (“lies, damn lies, and statistics”) yes, I took the course(s)

    What is real science is longitudinal studes (they take “forever” and cost a lot and companies couldn’t be bothered for what comes down the road some later day…and the metastudy which combines all the longitudinals in one “asif” single study. There can be netas of longitudinals, but there are none to use in the field I would bet cash.

    Rady, I see that my Links to the Anti-Metabolic Properties of Soy never posted, I will repeat that comment soon.

  31. Okay, here’s some “eat me and starve” ammo. This one is on Roundup (glyphosate) and Roundup Ready crops. Seems the way glyphosate works is that it prevents the crops from taking up and utilizing minerals. As in mineral nutrients. As in Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc and the rest. The glyphosate resistant crops have some genes added that allow them to make an enzyme that is blocked for non-GMOs, but they still don’t contain the essential nutrients.

    The plants that are not RR (glyphosate resistant) don’t die from the Roundup though, they are only stunted. What kills them is pathogenic soil organisms that they have no ability to resist because they can’t utilize essential minerals; their immune system is destroyed.

    So, yes, you or any animal trying to survive on GMO crops will starve, sooner rather than later:

    Click to access agchemicalandcropnutrientinteractions.pdf

    This is a brand-new paper, BTW. I found it on the website of Geertson Seed Farms, and there are seven more incriminating papers to read on the same page, including, it appears, the one that the essay on this page is written about.

    Geertson Seed Farms are the people who are taking the lawsuit against GMO alfalfa to the US Supreme Court this week.

    My field is nutritional agriculture with a focus on minerals for soil, crop, animal and human health, so you can imagine what a smoking gun this expose on the actual M.O. of GMO crops and herbicides is for me.

    Michael Astera

    • wow, thanks so much for this, Michael. The field is huge… and offers much to study. I look forward to it.

      I am glad to see that the subject study of this piece provides ammo for Geertson – tho with former Monsanto lawyer, Clarence Thomas, refusing to recuse himself; and with Steven Breyer recusing himself for ruling against Monsanto in the original decision, I fear the decision will go for Monsanto.

      I’m going to link Geertson here – and hope to study all the materials they provided.

      Thanks again…

  32. Totally agree that Monsanto is horrible, but sometimes it’s pretty hard to buy organic and especially local due to the cost. The farmers’ markets here in Austin TX are very expensive, instead of viewing it as cutting out the middle man, they view it as boutique food that is way overpriced. It’s very unfortunate and not like other FMs I’ve been to in other parts of the country.

    • Interestingly, Ecuador proves this idea false in Co-op Proves that the Poor Can Eat Organic, Too

    • R Becklund-

      One shouldn’t confuse Monsanto or GMO with organic. Organic is simply a method of growing crops or landscapes. Although GMO crops are not allowed under current USDA Organic Certified rules, there is no reason a GMO crop could not be grown with organic methods.

      It would still be GMO, with all of the inherent problems.

      Another thing is that GMO pollen does not stay in its own yard. I would guess that most of the “organically grown” soy, corn, and canola in the US and Canada is already contaminated with GMO genes.

    • anybody catch the WSJ article about McD requesting its tater growers to go organic? Seems the spuds are bigger (less waste at the processor) and growers reported to be experiencing better yields too, and less pest problems!!!. Read that the advantages of inorganic food mining are only temporary, once the dirt transforms back to soil, the yields are comparable anyway. Then there is that recently reported health problem that was traced back from compost to manure to cows to the cow feed. “persistant toxic chemicals” anyone?

      • help me out here, Walt – you got a link? i saw GRIST is wondering if this is greenwash — maybe we need to look into it.

      • sorry, it must have been the Seattle paper. I do on occassion…and we grow em as well as Idaho do.

        a link:

        It starts:

        WSU study on potato farming gives organic way a boost If you want to grow a bigger potato, organic farming may be the way. The balanced mix of insects and fungi in organic fields does a superior job of keeping pests in check, leading to larger plants, according to researchers at Washington State University in Pullman.

        By Sandi Doughton
        Seattle Times science reporter
        A Colorado potato beetle larva feeds on a potato plant. A WSU study found that……..
        If you want to grow a bigger potato, organic farming may be the way.

        And way down it has this line: ” But farmers are under pressure from such companies as McDonald’s — the nation’s top potato customer — to green up their practices.”

  33. Miss American

    You all may know about this, but it’s the latest research report I’ve seen.

  34. Miss American

    Here is “60 Minutes” May 23rd edition. Dr. from Children’s Hosp. in Philly is featured talking about how he’s seeing many more baby boys with deformed genitals. Another researcher found them in subtle ways to be less completely masculine. The show focused on soft plastics that contain chemicals called Phthalates as the possible cause. However there was no confirmed proof that was the cause. After seeing the above report (link) , it hit me like a brick! The show did NOT mention the possiblity of a GMO link to the deformities, but it seems like the elephant in the room!! I’m waiting for a response from the hospital so that I can contact the Dr. The new study talks not just about infertility but changes in the testes of the test hamsters. Also that the animals didn’t exhibit normal sexual activity. Could the baby boys be the first victims of GMO to show up in humans??

    Link to the 60 Minutes show:;contentBody

  35. Between Vaccinations, Aspartame, Splenda and most of all: GMO foods, we are being hit from one side and the other! All are deadly! All stay in the body and harm the liver, kidneys, heart, and anything else you value!
    I went to one site that actually shows maps of where the “Pharma” crops are – across the nation: Union of Concerned Scientists:

    Then there is or, showing China using GM crops as “cheap vaccines” with medicinal compaunds in soup! Cherry tomatoes: to be immune to Hepatitus B…and potatoes also being used to stop liver disease. So whats in the soup tonight?

    Looking at…you wonder : if it is rampant in China, how long will be eating food with vaccines?

    A great site for international news on GM crops and ingredients: http://www.AlterCampagne.Free.TV.Fr (French)…and (Both translate) So many countries are revolting – because Monsanto IS REVOLTING!
    On http://www.AlterCampagne.Free.TV.Fr…I saw a place that said that on June 18, there will be a festival in 80 different spots in Europe: against Monsanto! (StDavids City Hall)?? Hope I got it right. But, both places are great to check out: learned that over 40,000 farmers in India have committed suicide because they realized the destruction to the earth, plus the tremendous cost of the Terminator Seeds, the chemicals, and the cost of the great of amount of water needed for the crops.

    I got this site from: A great site..

    One more! Went to interesting story on “GoldenRice” (with Vitamin A) – IT WAS NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS – It was tested on CHILDREN! Their question was: doesn’t this testing go beyond the Neurumberg Agreement?
    Lastly, went to: Food – this is a spot that shows the ingredients in different foods. I went to: Cereals/ Page 4 to 7/ to look up: General Mills: They are totally GM! PLUS, in the ingredients is: TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE! A window cleaner – Thank You Very Much! Check the site out – it also talks about Aspartame in food and gum…etc (If you like formaldehyde in your body!)

    Man do I love Cherrios – but, NO More!

    Two Great Cereals that have NO GMO: Found in Wal-Mart (!) Nature’s Path, Flax and Pumpkin Seed, plus Cascadian Farm Granola…really DELICIOUS! Healthy! Both are out of the state of Washington.
    I’m sorry that I am long winded – I am just HYPED ABOUT THE INJUSTICE!

    • great comment, Allison; thank you so much for all the links. Did you see this info on Bill Gates and vaccines?

      Bill Gates funds covert vaccine nanotechnology
      By Mike Adams

      The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is gaining a reputation for funding technologies designed to roll out mass sterilization and vaccination programs around the world. Now, it has funded a new “sweat-triggered vaccine delivery” program based on nanoparticles penetrating human skin….

      These are both part of the Gates Foundation’s involvement in the “Grand Challenges Explorations” program which claims to be working to “achieve major breakthroughs in global health.”

      …breakthroughs like mass sterilization and nanoparticle vaccines that could be covertly administered even without your knowledge, it turns out. These nanoparticles could be used in a spray mist that’s sprayed on to every person who walks through an airport security checkpoint, for example. Or it could be unleashed through the ventilation systems of corporate office buildings or public schools to vaccinate the masses. You wouldn’t even know you were being vaccinated.

  36. I don’t have as much to say as others on these subjects, but this is scary stuff…

  37. Valentine Dyall

    Deb: Rady is winding you up. It might be scary if it were true but it isn’t true so it isn’t scary.

    • well, like Gandhi said, “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you…”

      I think denial is a form of Ignoring. but maybe posting comments of denial is a form of laughing at you.

      “…Then they fight you. Then you win.”

  38. I could never really understand how someone could even think about hiding the fact that it could hurt people just for profit.
    I do hope that this news would make more people aware about this and that more studies would be made before allowing for human consumption.

  39. this is another backlash in the attempt to meddle with mother nature. just hope succeeding approvals will undergo credible scrutiny.

  40. GMO crops spread disease to plants: 40+ diseases linked to Monsanto Glyphosate GM empire
    author: Kimberly Dawley, & Dr. Shiv Chopra, of ISIS

    I have not researched the posting org, nor the news but for those who might be inclined, I offer the above link of recent date

    lines like ” Most of my garden this year (the part that survived the clouds of RoundUp) did the GO DORMANT AND DON’T GROW trick of the Mad Soy.”

  41. This is one the reasons that we started to go organic for almost two years now. They way they have manipulated with our crops has gone way too far.

  42. criminal defense lawyer utah

    GMOs are designed to survive levels of pesticide that would kill non-GMO crops, this additional pesticide load causes health problems with the consumers of GMO products.
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  43. I just came across some other videos about this article — so I’ll link them here:

    WTF OMG Wikileaks Monsanto GMO crisis spurs citizen inquiry into FDA racketeering:

    Alex Jones Monsanto’s GMO Corn Link to Organ Failure!!.flv

  44. GMO’s are turning into a bad thing. Monsanto putting small farmers out of business because there stupid GMOs have cross pollinated with other plants in the area. I have seen some crazy movies on You Tube and read some crazy info on GMO’s. I do not think GMO’s are always bad but I do think they need more testing before released to general public. I also believe that if Monsanto is going to go after the small farmers because their GMO genes have polluted someone else genes, that farmer should not be held accountable for this. I believe all GMO products should be grown in doors only. Build huge warehouse’s/tunnels/greenhouses ect. This will keep the genes closed off from the outside world and allow for higher out put(IMO). ALL GMO products should be labeled in local stores as such!

    Now that we know this type of GMO corn is at fault for some types of organ failure then we should ban it from use in consumer and animal food products and only use this type of corn to make OIL and ethanol fuel. So there can still be good made of a bad thing.
    Mary Colorado Realtor

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  46. I’m trying to collect 10,000 or more signatures, and I could really use your help. (maybe you can put the petition on your website?)

    To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

    It’ll just take a minute!

    Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!


  47. I often wonder if there is a person or group of persons at Monsanto (or any destructive profit-at-all-cost corporation) who know full well the affects of what they are doing on individual persons eating their product. Do they knowingly feed it to their own children? There must be some dark rationalizations to keep doing it like seeing people as just objects that will die anyway. It seems as though each person gets a choice to destroy or build or heal or do nothing. What astounds me is the human that can cause so much destruction and pain to so many, knowingly. There must be some benefit or emotional reward for the person doing the damage and to do that much damage on such a large scale they can not possibly be asleep. Bullies rule! but not for much longer. Watch out bullies!

    • I think the heads of such corporations are different than most humans; they are among the 6% who lack a human conscience. They feel no remorse or guilt. They sleep just fine at night. They are psychopaths.

  48. I have always wondered what biological mechanism people envision for GMOs damaging us, and have so far not read a reasonable answer to that question. Now I read this posting which goes “GMOs damage organs” over and over all through, and deeply hidden way down is this nice little sentence:

    The researchers conclude that the raw data from all three GMO studies reveal novel pesticide residues will be present in food and feed and may pose grave health risks to those consuming them.

    Now this could actually make sense! As opposed to the idea that a slightly different DNA sequence has any impact whatsoever. But that means that the title and the rest of your posting are extremely misleading and even counter-productive, as the first impression is that you argue along the lines of “I do not want any genes in my food”.

  49. No wonder I didn’t see as many Monarch Butterflies migrating south over Texas this year! So sad! I should never eat corn or its many different deriivatives used in the food supply chain, mostly because of aflatoxin concentrations that pass through animals like hogs destined for human consumption like bacon or ham! But this GM corn causing problems with rats and other mammals needs to be advertised as a source of disease in humans!

  50. Sar Swift Justice

    Say No to GMOs. Thanks for the research & bringing this to the attention of the people.

  51. Love this page! Keep up the awesome work!

    Peace, Love and Fruit,


  52. Finally, a mammalian analysis of GMOs. Here is a blog I wrote last year that tells the disturbing facts about the studies that predated this analysis.

  53. It’s. Simple. Simplify.

  54. Here is a usefull link with a lot of info ( even more then most people want to know)

    Please all, keep looking for the truth!

  55. Here’s what worries me, more so than organ damage: The article briefly mentions how RoundUp may be responsible for the mass deaths of bees and butterflies – the insects that pollinate our crops. If they die off due to Monsanto’s GM poisons, what then? WIth no natural way to raise food crops, we will become completely reliant on un-natural methods. Gone will be our organic options. Polyface will become a sad memory. And people will starve… until Monsanto steps in and saves the day with a new set of GM crops which don’t require pollination. Doesn’t do a damn thing for decorative or wild plants, but then who needs meadows and forests anyway?

    The entire food system of the developed – and soon the third world – would become dependent on the good graces of one megacorporation which has shown absolutely no desire to be anything but mercilessly profitable. Bad news, World.

    And if there should be global strife in some uncertain future times, which destroys the underpinnings of so much of our technologically advanced civilization that Monsanto and the other GM corporations can no longer supply the world with seeds, we’ll have nothing to fall back on.

    …I used to be somewhat philosophical about our species’ dogged determination to blow the s**t out of itself, as I thought “hey, some pockets will survive, and rebuild, and hopefully do it better. But we’ve already mined all the easily mined minerals, and now we’re working hard to kill off the natural food chains. If this particular turn of the wheel goes bust, there’s going to be no way to spin it again.

    • Valentine Dyall

      Fotunately Allen (@quantumbox) does not need to worry: honeybee deaths are linked to seed insecticide exposure, not to glyphosate (see Brian Wallheimer in the Western Farm Press for Jan. 11th []} which was pretty obvious since bee colony collapse occurs where little glyphosate is used.

  56. @Allen re our high tech vulnerabilities. “just in time” supply chains are a major defect of anything should happen that breaks the chain. There is no surplus parked along the chain to compensate. In todays news, Seattle and area are swhut down. Seattle has been done in by 2 INCHES of snow, and some casual non-preparedness thanks to our laidback gov’t system.

    Yet people for the most part ignore, deny abnd think it can be fixed by anger at “those in charge.” Well no one is in charge and few are developing a plan b except in the tired old self-survivalist “me and mine” mode. Meaning there is no systemic plan b for plain folks who can’t afford multimillion dollar pre-stocked underground silos.And now they want to kill mother nature? Can you say time to “rise and say ‘no more’?”

  57. Brigitte Williams

    Thanks – it is what we’ve always suspected. Great research by the way.

  58. I’m a chiropractor in Kalamazoo, MI and it’s awesome to see the response to this post. I wish that everyone understood what is really going on in our food supply today. You’re a saint for bringing information like this to the masses. Keep up the great work.

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  63. rady, have you run across any study of gmo effects on gut microflora or relating them to irritable bowel/ leaking bowel so that substances enter blood? i am trying to find possible reactions to mental symptoms caused by such issues, bacterial leak thru )plicated on schizoid symptoms), protein fractions leak thru, upset of gut microflora neurachemical productiom ( becoming an interesting proposition re anxiety disorders via serotonin receptors in gut)

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