How to Get the 400 to 800 Chemicals in Your Body Out

Intro by David Wolfe and Alex Ortner

Shocking statistics reveal that in North America alone there are over 77,000 chemicals being produced. 3,000 of them have been added to our food supply and 20,000 of them cannot be metabolized properly by our bodies.

What happens to them? They get stored in our fat cells where they continue to accumulate. And research shows that most people have between 400-800 chemical residues stored in their bodies which include: PCBs, dioxins, xylene and dichlorobenzene.

Because our fat cells are spread throughout the body and its organs, the body eventually becomes completely overloaded.

Once the toxic load in our bodies has reached a “tipping point” where the toxic level is so high, they begin to cause major disfunction in including: damage to our endocrine system, hormone imbalances, cancer, and other illnesses and disease.

So do you want to know what you can do to remove toxic chemicals from your body?

If so watch the short, easy to follow steps in the video below.

The video is with Dr. George Yu who is a clinical professor of urological surgery at the George Washington Medical Center in Washington D.C.

In this powerful video you will discover the following:

-The simple but powerful four-step protocol on how to remove dangerous toxins from your fat cells.

-How to get a deep cleansing effect on a cellular level by using this potent substance.

-The two most effective methods in cleansing that protect your liver from being overworked during the detoxification process.

-The truth about testosterone and the why it does not cause cancer.

Enjoy the video and remember to detox!  🙂

Hat tip Raw for 30 Days

6 responses to “How to Get the 400 to 800 Chemicals in Your Body Out

  1. kind of like game show intro, but after that… good information…

  2. Great information! I have been taking a gram of B3 daily for the last 20 years and I am glad to see this information out there. So, added to the rest of my routine I have been doing this for years, interesting synchronicity, ha ha ha! I have been doing Cleanses and Detoxes with the change of the seasons since I had cancer 20 years ago (as maintenance). Alternating between liver and kidneys so 2 liver cleanses and 2 kidney cleanses a year equals 80 of them. Plus when I was fighting the cancer I did them back to back nonstop for 3 months which is a cancer killer and causes miraculous life changes (so do it).

    I am going to add that when the B3 releases the toxins from the fat cells your bowel must be working optimally and be clean. Because as Dr Yu said if the released toxin goes into the brain it is more difficult to get out (called autointoxication, release of toxins into the blood stream that can lead to hallucinations if not done properly).

    I would go beyond just carbon and bentonite clay (can cause constipation which leads to autointoxication) and use a bowel cleanse first to get the bowel moving at an optimal rate for a human which is 3 times a day (I would start this one two weeks before the B3 Detox). Then do a bowel detox (takes 5 days) which uses a number of other drawing herbs beyond what the doctor is suggesting, some of which absorb over 50 times their weight in toxins. The ingredients are bentonite clay, apple fruit pectin, Psyllium seed and husk (Plantago species), Wild Crafted Slippery Elm inner bark (Ulmus fulva), Organic Marshmallow root (Athea offcinalis), Organic Fennel Seed (Foeniculum vulagare) and Activated Willow Charcoal (Salix alba). What these herbs will do is pull any plaque that may be on or in the bowel wall so when the toxins are released they go strait to bowel then to the toilet and not the brain.

    When I did the Bowel Detoxes, out of my body came loads of mucus (what your body uses to protect you from toxicity and heavy metals) parasites and their eggs, bowel plaque that looks something like a heavy rope or radiator hose and numerous indiscernible things you do not want to know about. I was 46 years old so things like this are to be expected because this is the crud that Americans have inside them. You think I am kidding and that could not be in you? I worked with one pretty young lady in her twenties who filled a toilet twice with parasites in one evening. Then their was a man who when he detoxed his whole house smelled like a fuel refinery; we live in a toxic world folks.

    I would also suggest that an older individual who has been on medications for a long time should consider a cleansing and detoxing of their Liver Gallbladder and Kidney Bladder. These are filter organs and would be holding a lot of toxicity from their years of daily filtering work. Once these filtering organs are free of their toxic load you feel like a million dollars. And then those organs can do a much better job of filtering toxins as they enter your body. Have a look at my bio

    Doc Blake

  3. Can’t watch the video. Is there a written version?

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  5. The World Health Organisation admits that the strongest concentrations of Dioxins is found in animal fatty tissue, fish and shellfish (read/google WHO -Dioxins article). The higher up the food chain, the higher the concentration of dioxins in the body. It is obvious that the best preventative step is to give up meat, fish, shellfish and dairy.

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