FDA Invades Non-Commercial Amish Farm in PA

By Deborah Stockton
National Independent Consumers and Farmers Assn.

Kinzers, PA – At 9:40 a.m. Thursday, February 4, only a few miles from the scene of the Nickel Mines Amish massacre of 2006, another drama against the Amish began as agents of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came onto the property of Amish farmer Dan Allgyer, without permission, claiming to be conducting an investigation.

Agents Joshua Schafer and Deborah Haney, from the Delaware FDA office, drove past Allgyer’s “No Trespassing” signs and up his driveway almost to his barn, where Allgyer happened to be outside.  Allgyer approached the car, the agents got out and Allgyer asked them why they were there.  They produced a piece of paper, asked Allgyer if he was Dan Allgyer, which Allgyer confirmed, asked him his middle initial and phone number, entered the information on the paper, told Allgyer they were there to do an inspection and started reading the paper to him, saying it gave them jurisdiction to be there.

The agents – Schafer did most of the talking – said they had a right to be there because “you produce food for human consumption.”  Dan asked why they believed that and they said, “Well, you have cows.  You cannot be consuming all the milk you produce.” They further stated, “If you get a milk truck in to move all this milk you sell milk to the public, therefore we have jurisdiction.”

Dan said, “This is a private farm, I do not sell anything to the public.”

As they continued to harass him about doing an inspection, Allgyer said, “You can sit in your car.  I will call my lawyer.”

The agents remained standing.

Allgyer called his attorney who advised him to have the agents call him.  When Allgyer told them to call his attorney Schafer replied, “You are the owner and you have to speak for yourself.”

They pressed him to talk and Schafer asked, “Are you refusing us an investigation?  Allgyer replied, “That’s not what I’m saying.”

They kept repeating, “Are you refusing an investigation?”

Allgyer kept saying, “Call this guy” – meaning his attorney.

Allgyer said they must have asked him six times.
One of them said, “Even if you do not say so, you are still refusing an investigation.”

Eventually Schafer said, “If you refuse an investigation will you answer some questions?”

Allgyer said, “I’d rather not.”

When the agents continued to push him Dan said, “Is that a question?

Sheepishly, they said. ‘Yes.”

Allgyer said, “What did I say about questions?’

They replied, “Well we’re going to write this up as a refusal to have an investigation and give it to our higher officials.”

Dan felt they were threatening him at this point.

After that, they got in their car, drove out the driveway and parked on the neighbor’s property watching Allgyer.

A visitor, Ivan, who had been on the farm, though not part of the conversation, left in his truck soon after, and the FDA agents proceeded to follow him in their car, even when he stopped at a convenience store to use the facilities.  After forty or fifty miles, Ivan called 911 and told the police he was being followed.

The state police – in two cruisers – pulled the agents over.  Ivan pulled over as well.

Ivan said the police told him that the agents explained they were FDA agents and they had the right to follow him because they were conducting an investigation on the farm he left.  They thought he had product and they wanted samples of the product.

Ivan responded by opening the back of the truck and revealing it was empty.  The agents photographed the inside of the empty truck and gave Ivan a paper, claiming they had a right to inspect his truck.  He told them they were harassing him.  The state trooper said they had a right to follow and pull him over but they were in an unmarked car so Ivan would not have had to pull over.

As with Allgyer, the agents asked Ivan some information which they wrote on the paper they produced, then handed it to him.

Ivan asked them, “Why are you writing up a paper on me when you have no cause?”

They said, “We have a cause, because you left the farm.”

They claimed he had a load off the farm and they wanted samples.

Ivan said, “I didn’t know who you were.”

An agent replied, “You saw us at the farm.”

Ivan said. “That doesn’t make any difference, I didn’t know who you were.”

Ivan pointed out that he was at the farm but did not hear what they said.  He was twenty feet or more away from them and was not involved in their conversation.

Ivan said the police told him they would record that the agents had been following him.

A spokeswoman for the FDA (reached at the phone number on the paper the FDA agents gave to Allgyer) said the FDA has no comment at this time because it is an ongoing investigation.

Dan Allgyer will meet with his county sheriff in the near future to apprise him of this incident.

We will update this story as needed.

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  1. This is just ridiculous. Factory foods are the ones making people sick & getting recalled. Do you have a place I can put you on my facebook page as a fan of your site & to give more people infomation?

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  3. As someone that lives in Pennsylvania in the Amish farmland, I find this story to be horrifying. Our state Legislator is working very hard to protect and encourage organic farming in Pennsylvania and then this shit happens which totally undermines all his hard work If the agents were truly concerned about the public’s health then they would be investigating farms that use sludge and leave the organic farmers along.

    • we’re probably going to have to build a new organization. instead of just CSAs (community supported agriculture), we now need to develop CPAs (community protected agriculture).

      what thugs

    • It’s a No-Brainer. Non-GMO premium corn genetics are designed for yield, with no compromise for standability or drydown. Products are carefully chosen to match trait rotation systems, IRM refuge areas, and premium markets. You’ll see the benefit of leading genetics when compared to other hybrids on your farm – with or without traits.

  4. Fight by joing organizations like foodfreedom
    or healthfreedomusa.org. we must unite all similar organizations. we must not give in to The F’en DA. Love to the Amish who are the origibal spirit of America

    • while the FDA’s actions here are abhorant, the amish do not much represent the spirit of america, they refuse progress, and most of america wanted progress from the beginning, thats why we did all those horrible genocides against the natives, because americans believed it to be their destiny. as for the amish in particular, they are not exactly morally blameless, abuse of women and children is extremely common in amish country, and their practice of shunning is basically a cult, the only thing from keeping them from being one is that they let people, once they’ve grown, go out and see the world around them and may choose to stay. however, it is far from an easy choice when friends you grew up with are being abused and you have the option of abandoning them forever or supporting them. any attempt to bring the issue to light is just met with refusal from the victim, after all, bringing that kind of attention to an amish family is shamefull and can easily be worth punishment or shunning.

      Its a wonder the FDA didn’t just hang back and call in the FBI and hope there was an abuse case by random chance than this high profile bullying.

  5. typical governmental elitist industrial complex. These officials are insane. I am so sick of governmental interference in our lives. Havent they done enough to ruin this country? The sherriff has the capacity to make these men leave this mans property. Take a look at http://www.oathkeepers.com. Good article!!

  6. sorry for the wrong address it is http://www.oathkeepers.org.

  7. I’m curious as to how many animals he does have on this farm. Seems like only half the story is being told here…

    • Why would not having the number of animals on the property in the story, be only half of it. It doesn’t matter how many are on this farmer’s place.

      There are MANY uses for raw milk. I have 6 milking goats that can and do give 2 gals a day EACH (in late spring/summer). There is just my husband and I and he seldom drinks milk. So, am I suspect for having too much milk? Well, this year I am raising 2 pigs, 1 calf, a bunch of bum lambs and chickens on the milk. I also cook a lot with milk and make wonderful goat milk soaps that people want to buy! Do I use up all my milk? No. So what do I do with the rest? Depends, might start doing herdshare or fertilize my garden. It’s nobody’s business.

      According to some lists I am for Raw Milk, many people from surrounding states go to PA to get Raw Milk as it is legal to have herd shares. It sounds to me that these 2 agents feel that they don’t have to follow the law. If they want to investigate, they need a warrant duly signed to do any investigating. Because the other person was on the place does not give them the right to “investigate” him without the proper warrant.

      Sorry, but there is no half story here.

    • F you Josh. After the reprehensible, unconstitutional behavior of these agents your response makes me think you are one of them.

      • Its a reasonable question. It is one thing to have free market ideals, it is much different to simply accept one version of the story as if it were complete just because it suits our ideals. If the man had a great deal of cows, if the FDA had seen (or been told of) a milk truck leaving the farm, then they had a good reason to go investigate. I have seen this story on many websites and virtually all of them are word for word identical with little to no effort to confirm any of the information. As a rational skeptic I find this disappointing. The knee jerk reaction that anyone questioning the facts must be part of some conspiracy is disappointing and reprehensible. Try to live up to a higher standard than that.

  8. Nothing like stepping on someone constitutional rights.Sounds like they are on a fishing expedition to me. And as far as the truck they followed,I would have never looked into it at. Power hungry jerks like this could end up on the wrong end of a gun if they pick on the wrong farmer. It’s time to “feed the hogs”-unintended consequences by john ross.

  9. Josh they were not the spca checking on animal welfare.

    So what difference does this make how many animals he had if they don’t appear abused and are kept up feedings?

    • right. and also, if the operation is non commercial, the government has no constitutional right treading on private property without a warrant.

      • We need to remember that the government does not have *rights*. The government has *authorities* give to it by the People via the Constitution. *People* are the only ones with rights.

        This may seem like wordsmithing but it’s an important distinction to help us differentiate between proper and improper government actions. If Federal employees undertake actions that are not authorized by the Constitution, they are violating their oath of office. Such actions should not be tolerated by a free people.

      • And if the operation was commercial then they do. Since there was a milk truck seen leaving there was a reason to have at least some level of suspicion. By all means defend the man’s rights if they were violated, but do not defend them blindly. Ask questions and expect truthful answers. People should try to find out the deeper details of this and not just accept the tale as told by one source.

      • @Ivan: No one said there was a milk truck leaving the farm. For all we know it may have been a pickup truck.

        A herd of dairy cows may be for making cheese, which can be produced from raw milk and sold anywhere in the US if it aged at least 6 months.

        I just posted a blog article on the raw milk issue in response to the latest harassment of Mr. Allgyer:

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  11. The Amish are very good people. Our government should leave them alone. No, I am not Amish.

  12. Southern Hoosier

    Too bad the FDA is not as aggressive when it comes to products coming in from China.

  13. This is only half the story. FDA inspectors don’t just show up on farms. Maybe someone complained about the farmer and the inspectors were sent there to follow up on the complaint. If the farm has a large number of cows, maybe there was an illness related to unpasteurized milk.

    The Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act does give inspectors authority to inspect food producers. It also prohibit refusal of an inspection. That authority has been challenged and stood up all the way to the Supreme Court. It is not unConstitutional according to the Supreme Court.

    Can’t wait to hear the rest of this story.

    • yeah, and SCOTUS also says that corporations are people, too, and that they have 1st Amendment rights.

      this is class war, no two ways about it. Monopoly giants have seized control of all three branches of government and are squeezing out any and all competition.

      the FDA is owned lock, stock and barrel by Big Pharma and chemical giants.

    • No, Donkey, they still have to have a warrant to search a property. IF someone complained about the milk, they wouldn’t have been on a fishing expedition. They would have gone in with armed guards (local police sometimes) to seize everything they could and locked the place down.

      Nope, they were strictly on a fishing trip.

    • Donkey,

      the FDA has the right to inspect Licensed and commercial food producers. If they are not regulated for commercial sales then the FDA does NOT have the right to just drive up and inspect.
      First off; they have rules to go by and first contact is always made by mail.
      Than next is the visit.

      But, the farmer layered up and the FDA has a right to deny this farmer a lawyer and the right to an attorney? Really because last time I checked cops don’t get to deny you that right.

      Donkey, you are obviously a Paid Troll to post for the FDA.

      • There is no evidence (nor even testimony) that the FDA tried to prevent the man from retaining a lawyer.

        Your willingness to accuse those who ask simple and honest questions of being paid trolls of the FDA puts you squarely in crank territory. Reluctance to deal with simple and honest questions in an open manner implies that you haven’t got a way to deal with those questions, so you resort to character assassination. That is the cowards way out. Try to rise above.

    • Are you for real or part of the corrupt government?
      Wake up! I think you must be a Donkey.
      FDA and all the many legs of the government are doing whatever they want and whenever they wantand to whomever they want.
      We no longer have any rights and if you think otherwise then you are part of the problem.
      This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard and am at a loss on the stupidity of the american people to not think that anything like this is not going on here. The media and etc is all controlled and the only place left for some real information is on the internet and this they want to take away as well. That is how you enslave the american people plus many other diabolical ways.
      So Donkey, WAKE UP AND SMELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The corruption of this administration knows no boundaries, here on one side you have Michelle Obama growing an organic garden at the whitehouse while her husband is approving legislation that will out law vegetables, vitamins and herbs. What hypocrisy. There will be a revolt in this world very soon against corporate take over of the government and taking away people’s freedoms.

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  16. the FDA has no authority to randomly demand anything, there has to be link to interstate commerce first. They get the rights usually from the fact that a given farm is under their watch anyway, in the form of subsidies, permits, grants and regulations.

    they dont even normally have authority in the States directly, there are local agencies for that.

    Nobody got sick or complained about an Amish farm, the agents just want to justify their worthlessness

    • Cite your source that there has been nobody who got sick or complained about this particular Amish farm.

      • @Ivan: I’ll back up giles farmer to say I have no knowledge of anyone getting sick from this farmer’s products. If you have any different knowledge I’d like to see it. Until then the burden of proof is in fact on you.

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  18. I hope you don’t mind but I love spreading information such as this to people that are not aware of these FDA tactics. The FDA has had a hostile take over by corporate drug cartels. I posted this on my site also, and already have comments on it. Thanks for bring this to my attention -Rady, great site you have here.

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  20. There doesn’t necessarily have to be any complaint to the FDA. The FDA has been on a rampage to crack down on farms like this – read up on it at The Complete Patient blog. FDA people scour the internet like crazy finding out about farms that cowshares and farmers who “sell” on farm to inquiring customers. They’ve been investigating in many different states and getting state DATCP’s to send out harassment letters to farmers. This is happening big time in Wisconsin right now.

    This is a real shame. I don’t live far from Kinzers, and haven’t ever been to Dan’s farm, but my thoughts and prayers are with them. WAPF and FTCLDF need to get on this one!

  21. Constitutional or not, this type of violation of our rights is wrong. And anyway, the FDA doesn’t have better things to investigate than a tiny Amish Farm? Even if he does sell his milk, how many people can it possibly be affecting? I’ve personally known of a little girl who nearly died from E.coli, most likely as a result of eating at a local … See MoreMcDonalds, and nothing was ever done. Wonder how many people eat there every single day and are exposed to the same risk? But no, let’s focus on the little family farms who are *obviously* causing the most trouble by contaminating our food supply wholesome, unprocessed food.

    :::sigh::: Your tax dollars at work, folks.

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  23. That is so disgusting that those agents, the FBI, the FDA and whatever else alphabet soup organization think they have any right or say into this farmer’s goings on. Let alone the fact that he is an Amish farmer. Why don’t they investigate the crack drug sales going on in Philidelphia–now that might be a better use of taxpayer dollars, but no, that just makes too much sense! God Bless the farmers and the Amish.

  24. Tax dollars hardly at work….

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  28. I’m wondering if these people were really from the FDA. My guess is that they were really private investigators hired by Monsanto.

  29. Lock up that criminal farmer and throw away the key. Hasn’t he heard of the Patriot Act or the Domestic Terrorism Act?

  30. The patriot act is an excuse to invade personal property, don’t tell me the Amish farmer was making road side bombs? How ridiculous, and the FDA does not have the legal right to invade, or inspect your property with out a legal warrant. I doubt Osama ben Laden was hiding in the silo? Cats you may be right, but Monsanto and the FDA work together -corporate elitists you know.

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  34. A Face in the Crowd

    Thanks for sharing this information. Unfortunately, I fear that these stories will become more commonplace.

    What is your opinion about the Codex Alimentarius Commission? Do you believe that they will truly protect the best health interests of food consumers worldwide?

  35. They probably have coal under their property.

  36. F*&( THE POLICE!

  37. Isn’t America supposed to be Land of the FREE and Home of the Brave ??? Millions came to America for HUMAN RIGHTS and FREEDOM!!! These tactics take place in communist countries – not free countries!

    Has war been declared against our wonderful, hardworking, patriotic ORGANIC, small farmers? Is extremely wealthy and extremely powerful MONSANTO behind this?

    After having our health destroyed by eating Monsanto’s genetically modified soy over many years – DECEIVED by the propaganda that soy is a health food! The elites are working overtime to remove our ability to purchase health-giving food!

    MAY WE NEVER LOSE OUR FREEDOM and never lose organic raw dairy and other organic foods!

  38. Yes as Rady pointed out this is just the start of Codex which is aimed to control or destroy anything organic from farms -to vitamins and supplements.

    The FDA is in the process ( your heard about them going after Dr. Andrew Weil for astragalus which is has been used for health purposed by the chinese for centuries) of enacting new laws to prohibit even growing your own food.
    Organic farms will be a thing of the past.

    The tried to enact a vitamin and supplement bill in Canada -2 yrs ago, they are still trying to force these products off the shelf or demand by law that the supplement strengths be reduced.
    We see John McCain trying to pass a bill such as this in the US- he is financially backed by pharmas.
    This will make customers have to buy more, and if they are too expensive -people will stop buying them.

    Read about Codex -its very enlightening and this is the plan they have for the USA. Wonderful isn’t it? Yes Monsanto is part of this -they want us all to eat GMO foods with pesticides -and chemicals so we die off faster.

    Look at the University of Iowa -read it folks: http://www.infowars.com/scientists-experiment-with-vaccinations-in-gmo-corn/

    This is what frankenscience is all about, do something about it- get off the couch and demand the removal of any Codex laws now, before they pass this ridiculous loss of your freedom into law. You have a very corrupt system of corporate lobbyists -campaign contributions which means money talks. But we have our vote, so vote these idiots out of office and vote for those who have no financial ties, or their wives to any corporate interests. We need background checks before we vote for anyone today, and yes your voice matters.

  39. FDA does not need a warrent to inspect regulated entities. Section 704 of the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act gives them the authority to inspect anf requires them to issue a Notice of Inspection and show their identifcation. The original article says the inspectors showed the farmer a piece of paper and read to him from it. That may have been the document required to be issued by Section 704.

    Just the facts that are available to anyone willing to do the research.

  40. Here’s some more food for thought.

    FDA has recently issued this warning about consumption of unpasteurized milk.


    One other piece of information that is readily available to inquiring minds is that FDA deals with illegal tissue residue in animals sent for slaughter and consumption. Sick animals are frequently medicated and sent to the slaughter house before drug residues have time to exit the body. Consumers can be affected by the drug residues. FDA investigates to find out who is responsible for giving the sick animals medication and selling them for food.


    So, FDA does has authority to inspect some farms and the reason could be related to unpasteurized milk or illegal tissue residues in sick animals slaughtered for food.

    Paid, troll? No. I just happen to have a different perspective and some facts that don’t seem acceptable here.


    • b4 u take off, what is your perspective on HACCP?

      where’s the FDA [oops, I mean usda] on the bulk of foodborne diseases which arise in meatpacking or slaughterhouses?

      in the office checking the self-inspection reports prepared by those meatpacking or slaughterhouses… not in the factory inspecting for food borne diseease.

      and … tho I’m still giving you the benefit of the doubt (blame it on the morphine) … seriously, donkey, where has the FDA been all these years while Big Meat pumped its products up with Big Pharma? Now we have superbugs, massive CAFO pollution, and incredible cruelty to animals.

      where was your revered FDA on these issues?

      more people die of drugs approved by the FDA than from natural unpasteurized milk. don’t kid yourself. this is class war and the FDA is owned lock, stock and barrel by corporations, whose interests it serves.

  41. Anyone got a pilot’s license, where is that FDA building anyway?

  42. Yeah and what about inspecting chicken from China, that goes to Walmart? Ever seen where it comes from, you’d puke.
    If there is no conspiracy against organic farms then why are there no inspections of commercial beef, commercial foods handled by large industrialized farms, such as the peanut trade, remember the tomato incident- where were those poisonous tomatos grown, and what is roadkill doing in pet foods? If the FDA did any inspections at all and had any credibility they would inspect the pig farm in mexico which started the swine flu. Isn’t if funny they didn’t shut that farm down because of swine viruses. You can’t have it both ways fella….either the FDA is corrupt or your full of crap.
    Try inspecting the GMO corn for a change, check out the pesticides in the seeds. Bunch of fools…don’t worry there might be a plane headed for your building one day…
    It is coming to a national revolution…against corrupt corporations and the FDA.

  43. I have to say I am confused by this. As someone who has purchased from said farm multiple times, how is it not commercial? How is the food not for human consumption?

    I am NOT against Dan in any way and believe he provides a very valuable service to those of us who want real, farm fresh and high quality food. I think it’s disgusting that there is an investigation that thinks he is doing something wrong.

    I am just asking that someone clarify how he does not have a commercial farm, since the order form and hundreds of people who buy from this farm say otherwise…Is there some distinction I’m not aware of?

  44. Seed the new American revolution. Say “No” to tyrannical globalist government and bureacracy. Say “No” to foolish and controlling federal policy. State rights, sovereign rights! Support and protect rule of law, the Constitution, privacy matters, and property ownership and land rights. Support candidates like Texas candidate for Governor, Debra Medina and let’s win OUR country back from the usurpers and interlopers bent on destroying us.


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  46. More faked studies involving the drug cartel Pfizer….just think of the lack of evidence that proves vaccines safe, or even effective. This guy is just one that got caught lying for financial gain. These drugs are useless and dangerous -vaccines have carcinogens -where is the proof that carcinogens make you healthy? LOL

    To believe a drug company is to believe in the boogy man, most of their data is falsified, and paid for by cronies of the drug trade.

    Dr. Scott Reuben, a former member of Pfizer’s speakers’ bureau, has agreed to plead guilty to faking dozens of research studies that were published in medical journals.

    Now being reported across the mainstream media is the fact that Dr. Reuben accepted a $75,000 grant from Pfizer to study Celebrex in 2005. His research, which was published in a medical journal, has since been quoted by hundreds of other doctors and researchers as “proof” that Celebrex helped reduce pain during post-surgical recovery. There’s only one problem with all this: No patients were ever enrolled in the study!

    Dr. Scott Reuben, it turns out, faked the entire study and got it published anyway.

    It wasn’t the first study faked by Dr. Reuben: He also faked study data on Bextra and Vioxx drugs, reports the Wall Street Journal.

    As a result of Dr. Reuben’s faked studies, the peer-reviewed medical journal Anesthesia & Analgesia was forced to retract 10 “scientific” papers authored by Reuben. The Day of London reports that 21 articles written by Dr. Reuben that appear in medical journals have apparently been fabricated, too, and must be retracted.

    After being caught fabricating research for Big Pharma, Dr. Reuben has reportedly signed a plea agreement that will require him to return $420,000 that he received from drug companies. He also faces up to a 10-year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine.

    He was also fired from his job at the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass. after an internal audit there found that Dr. Reuben had been faking research data for 13 years. ( http://www.theday.com/article/20100…)

    More to come.

  47. In an attempt to hide the truth many drug companies are eliminating links to this story -they are trying to bury it. But here are more links about the fraud committed by Dr. Scott Ruben and he did work for Pfizer and Merck drug cartels:

    here are more links – read for yourself:


    and another:

    and another:


    The bad news is you don’t hear this on the major network media, they get millions in advertising bucks from their drug cartel sponsors -so they don’t report this to consumers.

  48. More good news from the Drug Trade but this time the FDA is equally to blame.


    This is just exploding on Twitter – lawsuits are massive – 83,000 heart attacks attributed to this drug Avandia, which is supposed to help diabetics not put them in their grave.

    The consequences of a very distorted and corrupt system of drugs for profit, the hell with your life.

  49. I work for a company the FDA inspects. I think the piece of paper might have been a Notice of Inspection they give when they start an inspection. We found out that any food firm whether you transport or produce food that is going to be sent to other states outside of your own has to be registered under what they call the bioterrorism act. It doesn’t cost any money to be registered with the FDA. If they were at this man’s farm they must have had some reason to be there such as selling something to someone in another state. I don’t understand why this man doesn’t have his farm registered as a certified organic farm — is there something wrong with it? I also don’t understand if he is selling milk why he doesn’t have to have a permit from the Pa Dept of Ag? The farm I buy my raw milk from is certified organic and has a permit from the state — he told me it is no big deal to get a permit. This story seems to me to be missing a lot of facts to make an educated judgement either way.

  50. And I forgot, the FDA does routine inspections here at our place and they have never found anything wrong with our company. I also don’t see how it is fair that some of us follow the rules and do what we are supposed to do and Mr. Allgher doesn’t have to. I’ll keep buying my milk from a certified organic farm and one that has a permit thank you. Too often we look at the Amish as being perfect but they are just as human and imperfect as the rest of us — and in this case it looks like they might want special treatment and not have to follow the same rules as we do. A lot of people think they don’t have bathrooms and telephones — 99% of them have phones on their farms, running water, lights and everything else — some even use air conditioning.

    • Samuel Adams, Jr.


      [ad hominem attack removed. ~ Ed.]

      Your every paycheck is stolen loot, if taken from taxes unjustly stolen from HONEST Americans.

      http://www.SEDM.org for unjust taxation details….

      Ok: put this quote 0n your refrigerator door:

      “Every thing the State says is a lie, and every thing it has, it has stolen.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

      There’s the Truth, for your comfort !!

  51. As far as what the FDA chooses to inspect let them start with imported foods from China. We have less to fear of our own food but take a look at Chinese food products in your local Wal-Mart, is the FDA inspecting these foods? No.

    The FDA can’t inspect imported dog food properly. I doubt they have the competence to inspect an Amish farm. I would buy products from these farms any day of the week, without question, and I trust them more than the FDA.

    People have been buying produce off of farms for centuries, including my family. I have never heard of such nonsense. Our family bought off the farm for over 50 years and never once got sick.

    But I have been deathly a victim of food poisoning from restaurants and buying food in a grocery store. I buy and will continue to buy from an organic farm and I don’t need an inspection certificate from the FDA.

    The FDA is using this as a scare tactic to prevent organic farms from operating as independent farmers and it is really that simple. They are using this phony bio terrorism act to harass organic farmers. Why are they not inspecting industrialized farms that put pesticides, chemicals, hormones, GMO and garbage in the food supply?

    The Amish run farms in their own way they are a religious group not commercial farmers. They can pass food for each family amongst themselves without FDA interference. I suggest the FDA start doing their job on imported foods because they are a real threat to the health of Americans.

    The basic facts are the FDA are incompetent, ineffective and should be overhauled by firing all the ex-drug company executives start at the top and work your way down. The FDA has lost its moral compass, credibility and by harassing honest farmers this is a disgraceful waste of tax payers dollars.

    I have never heard of the Amish being a “Terrorist Threat”. Have they built road side bombs? The aim of the FDA is to take away rights and shut down the Amish farms based on some ridiculous terrorist laws, by George the Idiot Bush. They think this gives them the authority to close down organic farms but we are onto the plan.

    Most likely as Lauren said your chances of dying from e-coli bacteria at McDonalds are far greater than from any produce from an organic farm even it was not run by the Amish.

    This excuse of “an inspection” is a trumpeted up tactic which is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. As far as interstate products what about inspecting the Smithfield farm in Mexico. This industrialized farm produces 1 million pigs for the US. Is the FDA inspecting these pork products? No they are not.

    Did they initiate an investigation on the pigs that got swine flu virus and who gave it to them? No they did not.

    How safe are the US pork products coming from Mexico when there are no inspections for this food? Russia destroyed all their pigs, the USA did not and continues to import pork from Smithfield in Mexico. There was no shut down of Smithfield, not one inspection and still today this pork enters the USA and is sent to grocery stores.

    The legal aspects of this case are: Since the US government including the FDA -cannot guarantee the safety of any food and since they do not inspect foreign foods coming into the country they cannot safely say that the Amish farm is not safe or is required under law to be inspected.

    Again taxpayers are at the end of their rope with the FDA, and this useless pursuit of the independent farmer will be fought tooth and nail.

    The FDA allows large corporate farms to go without inspections, fines and prison sentences for tainted products. In the last 10 years we have seen food recalls as never before in history. These recalls would not have been necessary if the FDA had done their job. Today large corporations sell garbage to the unsuspecting consumer thanks to the FDA. Don’t even get me started on drugs and vaccines.

  52. Lyn,

    You’re right about there being more to the story. I’m one who posted above about ordering from this farm. I live in another state, and the food from this farm (things like cuts of meat, eggs, pickles, raw milk, etc.) is delivered to drop off locations in our state. The milk was sold as “Pet food” when I joined :/ .I’ve never purchased the raw milk, but thought that was strange. I am not sure if that’s still the case. I’m fairly disturbed that the food I was buying seems to have been unregulated. I agree that even these safe farms run by wonderfully nice and caring people need to follow the rules.

    • That’s why I buy from a Certified Organic farm and one that is permitted by the State. They have let me walk through and see how clean it is — they don’t have no trespassing signs posted — that would make me wonder — and they aren’t trying to skirt the system — and they are Amish too. I’m all for limited government but we need some oversight and protections.

      • Samuel Adams, Jr.


        Sorry, you’re wrong on Principle.

        You obviously mean well, but what you describe is the origin of statist tyranny.

        The whole mess is because things are “permitted by the State”, that the problem originates.

        The concept of Limited government means, (if nothing else), that you or I don’t have the right to employ people with police powers to allow us to NOT exercise good judgement: about what products we buy, their safety, their fitness for our purposes, what industries or products are to be favored or disfavored, etc.

        The form of govenrnment you cannot live without is ‘self-government’ and that means growing up & making wise choices, that you & YOU ALONE are held responsible for.

        Farmers who sell bad products are quickly put out of business, by self-governed citizens with good judgement.

        But folks like you who LOVE to be exempted from that adult requirement, want a government agency to exercise that judgement on your behalf, as you’re too lazy, dull, pre-occupied to learn to discern ‘good from evil’ yourself.

        Modern liberal Progressives live in a delusional ‘flight from Responsibility’.

        So, Lyn, when you wake up & find us living in a growing Fascist Statist nightmare, on the precipice of civil war, know this: you & those like you, with total good intention, but horribly bad reasoning & lacking in self-government, were the root cause of this.

        Not you ‘progressives’ alone. Anyone who seeks government contracts for profit unjustly, or uses government power to gain, is also guilty -of growing the Fascist State – war profiteers, Big Pharma, corn growers – plenty of big corrupt powers on the Right, too.

        The tryanny of good intentions, is what paves not just the road to hell, but the road to war from time immemorial.

        It’s only Self-Government, under God, that can make us responsible once again, so we stop hurting / hampering / harming our neighbors, via government agency, in order to ensure our own (faux) safety & happiness.

        CS Lewis described the impulse to control others, for their good, using coercive statist power:

        “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience….”

        Samuel Adams, Jr.

        PS: Free-Market, Anti-Statist ideas are discussed here: http://www.Lewrockwell.com

      • @Lyn: I think certification and inspection are fine ideas to the extent that the government is independent of the corporate interests that seek to accumulate wealth and profit at the expense of independent producers. The history of the dairy industry in this country leaves me with doubts…

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  56. The highly intelligent, and sytematic manner in which the US Govt acts to enslavee nd deestroy our human rights as formerly guaranteed under the US Constition is brilliant, and well organized,utilizing “it is just human error,the system is so complex,you just dont understand.”.and so on as ploys they smash the very rights we need to survive as a nation of free thinking human beings, there is no escape from this unique victemization,backed with drugs,sexual fanaticism,and “free money”bull crap to wipe us out….are we learning yet???
    We all know what do do, however can we do it with our bodies filled with the poisons we now ingest?

  57. I would much rather buy and consume farm fresh milk, eggs, and cheese than to buy the chemical version in a food store today especially if it came from the Amish. The FDA has no business intimidating US farms when they cannot investigate foreign food products and have failed miserably to protect the health of Americans. The incompetence of the FDA extends to industrialized farms such as the US owned SmithField farm in Mexico. This pig farm houses 1 million pigs destined for the US food market, and the H1N1 virus was found on that farm. There was no investigating, no shut down of the farm, and the pork product were considered totally safe for human consumption yet you have a virus which was spread from animal to human. When will the FDA investigate that farm? Instead they waste taxpayers dollars fiddling with a single farmer, who has broke no laws. This is the outrage that Americans will not stomach, the system is badly in need of a shake up and a clean out. Detox the FDA first, then deal with SmithField would be a good start. We won’t go into the Chinese chicken products coming into to Wal-Mart now will we? Not fit for human or animal consumption and when you put “profit” of corporations before the health of children or adults -your liable for the consequences.

  58. FDA should seek court orders before going for such inspections.

  59. You have to laugh at the meat business today, yesterday they reported all over the news that the meat sold in grocery stores and industrialized farms are full of pesticides, chemicals, hormones and GMO ingredients. The cows eat GMO in their diets so you get all the goodies. What a disgusting industry that the FDA allows to operate that infects people with diseased meat. They have the nerve to invade a natural farm that produces whole natural products? What a scam, and its all paid for by your corporate interest lobbyists. Government inspections are a farce, and bend for corporations while trying to stamp out farmers who do not use chemicals in their products. Just watch your health care costs continue until they overhaul the FDA completely. It is so disgusting you don’t want to eat any food sold in a grocery store today. Turns my stomach.

  60. Please let me know why when I click on Submit, it goes to the next page saying: Discarded.

    Thank you!

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  62. Our freedoms are under attack! Fresh foods,
    naturals, homeopathic rememdies, fresh air…

    You would think that government has better things to do than harrass the populace, and especially food producers.

    Oh, if your not in the Monsanto club you may have to endure the backlash and just get sick
    and die.

  63. Samuel Adams, Jr.

    More Federal / Statist madness.

    When will this end ?

    When will decent, God fearing Americans start the ‘pushback’ ? And what form will it take ?

    I suspect until we stand uncompromisingly on our Liberties, nothing will change.

    We forget that much blood was spilled to gain our Liberties from an oppressive British Empire.

    Just read the Declaration of Independence, and you’ll see how bad it was.

    I think we’re not quite there yet, but getting close.

    It is the average citizen, using every means available to him, to resist violations of his Natural, God given Liberty, who acts as the enforcer of Constitutional Rights.

    If not each of us, the ‘average citizen’, who will act boldly to counter tyranny ?

    Gov’t is a special interest that has police powers – they threaten to steal all your life, Liberty & property, and kill you if you resist.

    All over Raw Milk, for goodness sake. Does this strike any of you as total madness ?

    We who love Liberty MUST be zealous of defending our neighbor’s Liberties as vigorously as we would our own to succeed.

    “It behooves every man who values liberty for himself to resist invasions of it in the case of others: or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

    As Franklin said to the signers of the Declaration:

    “Gentlemen, we must all hang together, or we will assuredly hang separately.”

    Americans who love Liberty are waking up to this fact:

    The civil government has a voracious appetite: and when we sit down at the national table, it is Us, our children & our Liberties that are on the menu.

    “If you look like food, expect to be eaten.”

    Civil government is the servant of the people, but our servant has become our harsh & unjust master.

    “The Government is merely a servant — merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.” – Mark Twain

    ‘Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty’ – Thomas Jefferson

    What, then is our duty, in response ?

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  66. What else is new! We are still in the Republican mind set of an eventual Police State America!
    Breake out your updated Swastika’s my friends and join the club before your hearded off to the concentration/reeducation camps!

  67. Well, speaking of Swasika’s…Phoenix Arizona comes to mind…how dare they make swastika’s
    using refried beans.

    I wonder how many people it took to get that product to market? Maybe the government will put a clamp down on beans? Maybe they should concern themselves with real issues and protect
    the borders and the people that are forced to come across them…from the pot to the pan.

    Ahhh, but I digress.

  68. Oh, yes, lest I forget…let’s protect the citizens of this country from all encroachments on our freedom.

  69. WTF being the Amish are a seemingly closed society they keep to them selves! The milk normally would not be forsale to outsiders therefore it does not enter the public market! The FDA should have no grounds to require these actions. And if I’m not mistaken they know that they are breaking their own rules of engagement!
    What a laugh they should have really sat down with their own lawyers and figured this one out it could set some really good prescidents for legal action against the overbearing department of the government!

  70. How does that translate to humans and American babies that are fed solely on gmo soy milk formulas? I

    also believe since the USDA/Monsanto co- owns the patent for the technology that has the capacity to sterilize the reproductive nature of crops (and I don’t know what they have in mind to sterilize the animals)…but I do know that eating GMO foods appear to sterilizing generations of animals. Pasteurized milk has GMO, hormones and is stripped of any nutritional benefits.

    here is an interesting blog on just this subject:
    and here is an excerpt:

    Most milk today is sold through dairy cooperatives. Large processors set the prices paid to farmers, and their milk is pooled together. There is little incentive to produce high-quality milk, only to meet minimum standards. Such milk, before processing, is likely to harbor pathogens and be a disease risk. After processing it may still contain some pathogens, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and pesticides. Because pasteurization reduces all bacteria, good and bad, as well as protective enzymes, the milk may be more vulnerable to colonization by pathogens should it become contaminated after processing.”

    How is the FDA protecting us against this?


    There are bills being passed right now in congress to allow this, you have to make your voice known and write to the President or your local senator demanding that the FDA stop harassing organic farmers and start eliminating these contaminants from the milk our babies are forced to consume through profit driving corporate farms.

  71. Some of you are misinformed — Allgyer was selling his milk and numerous other products to the public and having it delivered across state lines. His farm has a website for pity sakes. While I do not know Mr. Allgyer personally and can’t attest to his character; it appears he is getting some very bad advice from his lawyer. Regardless of how much we may like his milk , it is a violation of federal law to transport it across state lines. A lot of Amish are law abiding citizens and Mr. Allgyer would probably be also if he wasn’t getting bad advice. His buyer’s club members will not be the ones prosecuted, he will. I am not a liberal, I am a staunch conservative. I believe the Bible tell us to obey the government. We need to petition our representatives to change the law; not disobey it. So do I just get to shoot anyone I wish and say the laws that say it is murder are unfair? Can I drive down the road and disobey the speed limit and not risk a fine and losing my license? Without laws we would have total chaos. The reason for the FDA being established in the first place was because of numerous death from a “medicine” (sulfonamide elixir) and no regulations. While I may not agree with all of the laws and regulations in this country they do give us some order and help protect us. Laws can be repealed — let’s go about it in the right way. FDA is not harassing this farmer; they are enforcing the regulations they are charged with enforcing. If Mr. Allgyer said he did not sell his milk (and $15 lbs of butter) to the public he wasn’t being honest. Check out his website. Once again, if he had a permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture he could sell milk at his farm to anyone that wanted to purchase it. There are numerous Amish farmers that have a permit and sell milk at their farms and some of them are certified organic — Mr. Allgyer’s farm is not. The Amish are not a closed society — they engage in selling products to the unwitting public — at least in Lancaster County. Why do they want to reap the profits and not pay the price like the rest of us do? Is he paying taxes like the rest of us on these products he sells? No where in any of these posts does it say Mr. Allgyer can’t use the milk for himself or his family. Maybe I’m the one that is confused but why should he get special treatment that the rest of us can’t get? I thought the Amish were law abiding citizens — guess I was wrong on that count too. In order to get one of those letters from the FDA they have to have proof that the law was broken.

    • I assure you I am not misinformed. There are gray areas when it comes to the term “selling to the public,” and that is between him, his lawyer, and the court, should he actually be prosecuted. If it is so clear-cut, why hasn’t he been arrested already?

      And I assure you many people are fighting to change the laws, both the federal laws, and the irrational laws of neighboring states that completely outlaw the sale of raw milk. These laws were written by overzealous bureaucrats and rubber-stamped by elected officials. The agencies that enforce them are also run by entrenched bureaucrats who have little interest in seeing them reformed. In the meantime, civil disobedience is seen as a valid response to the situation. If you felt you were being unfairly persecuted, would you cooperate with authorities, or would you seek due process? Why should Mr. Allgyer be any different?

      No comparison to your murder analogy unless people are actually getting hurt.

  72. We all know there is a campaign to “outlaw” any organic farm -don’t take us for fools. We have the right to consume which products provide us health and that is a federal law which is in the constitution, do you remember that document? Let the govt continue to take away individual rights and freedoms and we will see what happens here.

  73. My husband & I raised our kids on raw milk . They never got sick. In fact they were a lot healthier because of it. Their pediatrician was all for it. Why can’t the govt. just leave these people alone. If I could find raw milk now, we’d be drinking it. It is so much better for you.

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  80. Its not about dairy, its about a new government infrastructure in which the older ways of life must end. Its not about a new world but an ending of the old world, this appears to only be the beginning, or so it seems.

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  83. The FDA is all about depopulation, GMO food sales and drug sales. Because they only support the money that is thrown their way. It’s a bottom line world out there. Who needs science when you hold the key to the chicken coop? Whatever it is they approve of is typically what I find to be most healthy for me to avoid. What the FDA outlaws is usually whats good for my health. So their information turns out to be useful after all.

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  92. It’s my understanding that the new food safty laws give the gov. the right to enter your farm,home at anytime day or night to get information they need with out a warrent.

  93. And just when you realized it’s not safe to eat…

  94. Oh, it’s not safe to produce food of any kind either…and what is allowed will kill you…if it doesn’t kill you but makes you sick, pharma
    will finish the job and charge you a lot of money on the way out.

    I am sure most of us realize that this is a death culture and it is excelerating…ask for knowledge and understanding and with that ask for wisdom.

    No offense to anyone, but prayer might help us, do ya think?

    What’s it going to take?

  95. Just an update for all those who are unaware, the Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas was employed as a lawyer for Monsanto. In cases involving Monsanto, Thomas refuses to recuse himself and has ruled in favor of the corporation. In recent news, it was revealed that Clarence Thomas, his wife Virginia earned over $ 864,000 and did not declare the income or gifts he has received from the Tea Party, Harlan Crow, and the Koch Billionaire brothers. Scalia and Alito are also implicated in ruling for corporation cases and always they rule against citizens of America.
    You don’t really need a map to see the connections here, as Monsanto winning cases in the SCOTUS which is corrupted, has no bearing on justice and has lost its own integrity. These judges will be thrown out on their asses which is what they deserve, impeachment is too kind a process for them.

    • you’re right, Pete, and there’s more. He’s tied to the Koch Brothers as well as an entire network of plutocrat funders who are committed to an agenda of wiping out the middle class, including unions (which help elevate folks to the middle class).

      If you can forgive the language in this video where the lawmaker is mired in the Left-Right paradigm, the essential point comes thru.

      This is class war (top vs bottom, not left vs right, as we saw in the bipartisan votes to bail out the banksters, enrich the health insurance industry thru ObamaCare, and in the recent Ag Appropriations bill that defunds the social safety net and entrenches the meat monopoly — which I wrote about here).

      Clarence Thomas is the plutocracy’s chief judicial enforcer:

  96. Appears the premise of the orginal story has been lost.
    As a consumer of grass fed beef, farm fresh eggs, and organic produce all purchased from a non-commercial farm, I am relying on the farmer’s word that the farm is operating ethically; no corn fed beef, no pesticide use, employing humane slaughter practices.
    So what happens when years later I discover the “Natural” farm was all a hoax? That I was indeed consuming corn fed beef, vegetables treated with pesticides and chicken eggs produced by chickens fed feed doctored with growth hormones and antibiotics?
    This scenario should be a concern for every consumer as the demand for “organic” foods rises, so does the need for these independant farms to produce/increase their output.
    Caveat Emptor! NO. These farms operate to make a profit the same as a factory farm and therefore should be upheld to a standard (not yet clearly defined).

  97. Wow . . . can’t believe there are still comments on this article. Just as an update . . . Mr. Allgyer was served with a warrant. He was also charged. Sorry I don’t know all of the details; guess I’ll have to look it up on the fda website http://www.fda.gov. To go back to some of my previous posts – there are a lot of good AMish folks but like everything else there are also some whose practices are not quite on the up and up. I’ve gone past Amish produce stands early in the morning when produce trucks from NJ are selling their products which are then being sold by the AMish as if it were their product. the unsuspecting tourists and locals think they are buying amish lancaster county grown stuff. A lot of AMish (and others) are selling their products as organic but they aren’t certified organic which means they can medicate their animals, use chemical fertilizers, etc etc and we are none the wiser. Certified organic farms have to prove that they haven’t used chemicals on their farms for a certain number of years. AND ONCE AGAIN FARMERS CAN SELL RAW MILK WITHIN THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA LEGALLY. IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL TO DO IT ACCORDING TO THE LAW. The Amish are human too and no more above doing things wrong than the rest of us.

  98. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are making a few dollars by commenting on websites, for the corporations who profit from destroying organic foods. Lyn, give it up, no one believes you- put it to bed. Yawn. Ya Ya, sure, as if your attempt to portray the Amish as corrupted people like Monsanto, or the Big Factory Food farms that put out garbage which makes you puke. Sure. Let’s load up our kids on some of that antibiotic, salmonella infested chemical food, made by General Foods, or McDonald’s. If you knew anything about the Amish, they do not lie or cheat, not like yourself and those you represent here. Raw milk is healthy, wholesome and necessary for proper nutrition and has been for hundreds of years. You just want our kids to drink hormone milk, dontcha? Well it’s not happening, you may think you win small battles, chipping away, bit by bit at a proud people – but you won’t win the war. The tides are turning, Lyn. People like you are despicable parasites that represent all that is evil in this world. Factory farms have no place in this world, they belong in some altered universe, where poisoning a whole population is the way to riches and profits. How disgusting of you people, you are a poor excuse for a human being.

    PS. The FDA is one the most corrupted agencies of the Federal Govt., do not insult our intelligence.

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  100. Rob,

    No I do not want your children to drink hormone milk and I do not drink hormone milk. There are places you can buy milk that comes from cows that haven’t been given hormones. I think Rutter’s is one along with some others. FYI — how would I be making money by commenting on a website? I’d like to know then I can collect on the payment. I’m just a concerned citizen that doesn’t have my head stuck in the sand quite as far as some of you do. I’m not attempting to portray the Amish as corrupt — you obviously can’t read well — I said there are honest and not so honest ones just like the rest of us. I know a lot of good Amish folks. I do not lie nor do I cheat anyone. I also never said raw milk wasn’t nutritious — read what I said. I never said there was anything wrong with raw milk. I am not a parasite — I work had to make a living. I would much rather support a small farmer than a large organization. You seem to have read a lot in my posts that just aren’t there — why are you so angry — or can you just not handle the truth?

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  110. There is more to this story than meets the eye. These so called “agents”, are nothing more than Osama-Obama’s “SS” assaulting the Amish faith as a security threat, to destroy their existence.

    People need to band together, pick up their rifles, and hand guns, and go to these places where they are assaulting people, and defend the farmers, and the people and the right to their existence as a religion and religous individual. When 500 people show up and demand that the officers surrender their weapons,and arrest them ion the spot, and keep this up, the government will some day get the hint. AND if they do NOT…
    Then it is time to shoot the bastards, and ask questions later.

    This country is on the brink of a civil war, and I will not be sympathetic to ANY gestapo government agency. I intend to organize revolt, and take it to the people…. IT OS OUR COUNTRY!!!!!! Not these communist regime we have installed. They are an illegal government, and are carrying out their agenda to destroy the United States of America, and undermine everything we stand for that is good in the world!!!

    God help us, as we destroy them…. arm yourselves…. This year will not end peacefully, but will end in bloodshed of foreign people fighting against us on our own soil!!!.

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  117. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You want to know why we are all sick from our foods and our children are allergic to foods that NO ONE in our generation were!!!!!!!! You can look to the FDA for that too!!!!!!!! Allowing us to consume foods with hormones and genetically altered foods that are “LAB” created and BANNED in EUROPE and CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t look at the Amish farmers you PSYCHO’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Oh and WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!! The SOONER OBAMA IS OUT~THE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  121. keep up the great work , I read few content on this internet site and I think that your weblog is rattling interesting and has got bands of great info .

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  124. If you are going for most excellent contents like myself,
    only pay a quick visit this website daily for the reason that
    it presents quality contents, thanks

  125. If you believe this is something look up Senate Bill 5 10 or SB 510 growing your own food.

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