Australia proposes ban on 1000s of plants including national flower

From info at Garden Freedom

Legislation being proposed in Australia would criminalize most permaculturists, farmers, gardeners, nurseries and bush regenerators by banning any plant that contains  DMT – a naturally-occurring hallucinogen.  Five plants are currently criminalized, but the new list will include hundreds (possibly thousands) of other species that are common garden plants and include a significant number of common native plants including the national flower, the wattle.  [Image: Australia’s National Flower, Acacia pycnantha]

Having any of these plants could get you charged with and convicted of a federal drugs violation. The list can be found here, comprising about four pages of the 41-page document.

Garden Freedom is leading a campaign to block the legislation. The public is urged to contact the Minister for Justice, the Hon Brendan O’Connor MP with comments at by March 11. (See instructions here).

The purpose of this new legislation is supposedly to stop major drug trafficking, yet many of the targeted plants have never been traded for drugs and have no value as drug plants, because they only contain traces of the compounds.

The proposed laws will make hundreds or possibly thousands of plants illegal. Many of these are common garden plants that honest, law abiding citizens have legally grown for as long as they remember. The laws will affect the commercial propagators, nurseries, farmers, collectors, botanic gardens, seed merchants, landcare groups and most gardeners.

  • Farmers may need to change their pasture grasses and legumes.
  • Gardeners, collectors, and botanic gardens will have to remove precious plants from their collections.
  • Landcare and dunecare groups may no longer work with the species they are used to and that are native to their region.
  • Nurseries may no longer propagate many of the plants they normally propagate.
  • Botanists may no longer collect samples from many plants.
  • Seedbanks will need to destroy many of their precious seeds.

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is ubiquitous in nature and is likely to be present in thousands of species. If DMT is found in one species within a genus then it is likely to be found in other species of that genus. Some common plants include grasses, wattles, peas, nutmeg, screwpines, buckwheat, citrus trees, and violets.

survival seed vault

Also included are legumes, the Leopard tree, Honey Locust, wisteria and cattle forage plants like Desmodium, wetland plants such as the Common Rush (Phragmites), and common pasture grasses (Phalaris spp) — even the ice plants in your Granny’s rock garden would be effected by the legislation.

The existing schedule of criminalized plants include:

1. Any plant of the genus Cannabis
2. Enhanced cultivation of any plant of the genus Cannabis
3. Any plant of the genus Erythroxylum from which cocaine can be extracted […] incl E.coca & E.nova-granatense
4. Papaver bracteatum
5. Papaver somniferum
6. All fungi that contain PSILOCIN
7. All fungi that contain PSILOCYBIN

The proposed new schedule will include:

8. Any plant containing MESCALINE including any plant of the genus Lophophora
9. Any plant containing DMT including any plant of the species Piptadenia Peregrine
10. Salvia divinorum (Diviners Sage)
11. Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom)
12. Catha edulis (Khat)
13. Any species of the genus Ephedra which contains ephedrine
14. Any species of the genus Brugmansia
15. Any species of the genus Datura.


H/T, Permaculture College Australia.

Ed. If God put the plant here, how can humans criminalize what God has planted?

145 responses to “Australia proposes ban on 1000s of plants including national flower

  1. Bureaucrats run amok! I had a customer in Australia who had to return a product I sent him because it had a trace of Cinnamon in it which was banned because some people were smoking it. The combination had many herbs that would have made it intolerable to smoke one was cayenne pepper. Try smoking some cayenne sometime and see the extreme coughing fit you will have plus a massive lung purge that would be beyond belief. Maybe the fool that thought that law up should try smoking some, it might clear their head. Paul

  2. What about Banning Animals as most mammals produce DMT which I am sure could be extracted, then next what about Banning Humans, as humans produce DMT and could be extracted, I believe all human had DMT experiences. I think dreams are related to DMT. We all must be junkies then. Banning some substance our own bodies produce is just stupid and pointless. Stay up for 4 to 5 days without sleep you mostly likely have a DMT trip.

    • All that about DMT is only speculation, and not fact. Don’t just spread this unproven notion that dreams are really dmt trips

      • Diodee, do you have any sources that refute the notion that DMT is connected to dreams?

        • Normally in science it works the other way around, Rady. If you have a theory, you have to prove it; you don’t ask others to disprove it. DMT could play a role in the human body as an endogenous substance, but it has never been proven.

          But to be honest, DMT (and psilocybin, etc) itself shouldn’t even be scheduled, powerful psychedelics, but pretty harmless.

          • Fx, if Diodee asserts that DMT does not affect dreams, then s/he should provide studies that say so, rather than trashing someone else for an opposing assertion. This is how science works. It applies to both assertions.

            Never had DMT, but can swear by psilocybin.

        • From the article “The Hallucinogen N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) Is an Endogenous Sigma-1 Receptor Regulator” in Science magazine, Feb. 13, 2009:

          DMT has been found to be produced endogenously, ‘in human urine, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid’ (Science, 323, pg 934-947), so there is no question whether DMT is produced endogenously in the human body, and more than just the urine.

          There are numerous studies, not just one.

          “I really wish [you] would take the time to review the pertinent literature before ignorantly regurgitating unsupported nonsense.”

          Furthermore, you saying it’s found in urine and therefore means it’s not related to dreams lacks logic.

          “I really wish [you] would take the time to [think] before ignorantly regurgitating unsupported nonsense.”

          So, give us the quote from your study that says DMT does not affect dreams.

          Finally, kindly observe the civility found here and guide your behavior accordingly.

      • Ayahuasca, and dmt are the subject of my masters research. Rick strassman in a 2010 lecture clearly states we have no data to supportthe hypothesis that dmt is produced in the brain/pineal. It is found mainly in our lungs and blood. The pineal actually produces its cousin melotonin. Not psychedelic but instrumental in regulation of sleep patterns.

        I have not been able o find any other academic work on this matter at all. If you do have any references I would be greatful.

  3. Second thought it might have been Nutmeg, what ever the whole thing is goofy.

    Here is something that relates to this article. The US ande state governments have been trying to stamp out the Native American Church because they use Peyote in some of their ceremonies. One reason they use it is to help those with alcohol problems and it has been effective. But of course most governments have always had a fear of anything natural that might trespass on allopathic medicines business monopoly. They are also concerned that it might expand someones consciousness, spiritually and/or inspire rebellious thoughts about our Constitutional rights. Paul

    Albaugh, B.J. & Anderson, P.O. (1974). Peyote in the treatment of alcoholism among American Indians. American Journal of Psychiatry, 131(11);1247-1250.

    Mercado, L. (1997). Traditional rehabilitative therapy: A look into the positive therapeutic potential of the Native American Church peyote ceremony. Newsletter of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies . 7(4). Retrieved on September 1, 2009 from

    Paul Pascarosa1, Sanford Futterman2, Mark Halsweig3Article first published online: 16 DEC 2006, DOI: 10.1111/j.1749-6632.1976.tb52923.x

    Calabrese, Joseph. “Spiritual healing and human development in the Native American Church: Toward a culture psychiatry of peyote.” Psychoanalytic Review. (1997): 237-255.

    • Actually they use Iboga which contains DMT

      • No, iboga contains ibogaine, which is an elaborate tryptamine but not DMT. And its use is limited to specific African groups such as the Bwiti.
        The Native American Church use peyote which contains mescaline.

      • I find it most bizarre that someone who has heard of Iboga believes south american indians use it rather than mescaline… Ibogaine grows here in Australia too however there is an alkaloid that is unfortunately also polar that makes you go blind, wonder if they’ll ban that too now i’ve said so.

    • Hops is cannabinacea family mate. Guess no more beer industry?? They’re idiots!!

  4. Umm, I looked at your link and couldn’t see the list comprising “about 4 pages of the 41-page document”; It is in fact one single page.

    Now as almost half of that page consists of the existing criminalised plants list then it would be more accurate to refer to the ‘half page’ of the 41 page document.

  5. Daniel, the link in the second paragraph has the 44 page document. I was able to view it.

  6. Sounds as if Australia has been taken over by the same kind of loonies the US has fallen to. I’d like to know what the proponents of this bill say when it’s pointed out that the national flower would be proscribed. Also, maybe the proponents of this bill need to be screened for drug use. The whole idea sounds like it was made up in a drug induced haze……..

    • I’ll go out on a limb and say, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, opiates and amphetamines probably had a LOT to do with this bill.

      • Quite the opposite. The us governmet comossioned the federal narcotics councul CONFEN, to investigate ritual ayahuasca use (a plant based brew rich in dmt). In august 1987 thier report reccomended removing it from thier list of proscribed substaces. Long ter users demonstraited greater physical and moral well being then the general popularion. It is also not a substance that lends itelf well to abuse. This and the right ti religious freedoms under the human rights act means that in Brazil, the US, the nethrlands and france you are dree to use ayahuasca for ceremonial use.

  7. @ Emma: Ditto that…I’d like some of what THEY are smoking!

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  9. This is total bullshit. DMT is a naturally occurring substance found in a vast array of plants and is also produced in our own bodies! We have had this war on nature and humanity foisted on us for far too long. They mutilate our genitals, fill out teeth with mercury, poison out water with fluoride plus countless other atrocities on a daily basis. The control freak bastards who advocate this legislation need to let go, let us all be and to live and to breathe… or woe betide, they will be humbled or thrown back to whatever level of hell they crawled from.

  10. Australia is going to be right under water, after they do that, …for good.

  11. Unbelievably stupid. This is what happens when ‘government scientists’ have time on their hands.

    • yeah, pretty outrageous. let’s criminalize god (or, nature, if you prefer)

      • Thats pretty much what they are doing, Almost every religion in the world was based on pyschedelic/shamanic plant usage we used to be in equilibrium with nature 1000s of years ago we our societys acepted these plants as part of religous pratice, these paltns help us connect with god. Its a little known fact that Jesus was the magic mushroom this fact was destroyed by the roman empire. The very reason the world is in so much poo poo 2day is because the story of history is pyschedelics being wiped out from culture and ignorence rising in the minds of people from not having the plants to keep them sane. We are an insane society without these plants and i could be locked up for being insane by expressing that, thats whats insane. War only started happening in culture when societys stopped taking pyschedelic plants and destroying the shamanic cultures. Eg. The spaniards wiping out the meso american cultures such as the maya, they were massive mushroom, peyote and dmt cultures or say teh slaughter and massacre of native indians. The story of the bloodbath of history is this the destruction of the earth by theignorentnpowerhungry (who are like that because they don’t take pyschedelics) and the supression and destruction of the peaceloving shamans.

  12. We need to ignore these people, they will go away.

    I think this is either a result of one of two things, both of which will result in more or less the same reaction – with the final outcome to be decided.

    They are,

    1. We are as humans just tying ourselves in bureaucratic knots, which will lead to the mainstream citizenry revolting against the system they have unwittingly created. We may end up living in a collectivist libertarian’s dream come true where we all take personally responsibility and no one tries to tell anyone else what to do anymore.

    2. We are as humans being deliberately squeezed and pushed to breaking point by a truly evil and incredibly well planned global conspiracy. We may end up living in a dystopian nightmare, fighting for our very survival as drones and machines hunt us down.

    The suggest outcomes are only suggestions and either could result from either of the reasons. I’m inclined to believe the cause is the second, but believe we can work that into the first outcome…

  13. You know your nation is run by loonies when…

  14. I am an intending animal holistic healer and the use of salvia divinorum for diarrhoea is already known. To know the contraindications with Veterinary medicine is important. To know what else it can be useful with and to be able to implement the use of the herb with knowledgable wisdom, it will not be harmful to an animal as long as I can know enough before using it, is a disgrace of humanity. It prevents natural cheap effective health for herbalists and other holistic healers who are unable to use it for medicine, unable to cultivate it, unable to grow it. The people who use it as a drug should also be given some right – the shamans as vision seekers who use it wisely and with respect. It is a part of ancestral tradition for some people.

    Yet another way that nature is disturbed by distrust due to humans behaving in an ill manner by abusing it as a high. Human behaviour needs to change. The plants need to stay and herbal lore and religion and spiritual practice needs to continue freely.

  15. They really are desperate now,aren´t they? But for safe conduct:start taking the seeds or shoots of any of these plants in your neighbourhood and spread them in “wild” places.

  16. It´s so crazy that you think there might be something about; “The reptoid-War” on humanity;via smoke&mirrors,lies and illusions and billions of $s,, they have taken control of the richest,most influential layers of humanity,called “lackeys”= the owners of military-industrial complexes,the banking -system and money-printing,the medias ;95% ,and propaganda-centers;Hollywood f.ex-and-important to remember: the Medical industry that has meant 100.000 synthetic chemicals in the Eco-sphere,7 tested,a huge number of hormone-imitating,synthetic chemicals ( Lolita& DAMP-boys) and other psycho-active ingredienses (raging body-builders) and the dissemenation of Barium,Strontium,Depl. Uranium,aluminium etc.etc. via chemtrails-and medicins and vaccinations containing poisons. Stop their “tools” and all they have are some hologram-projecting UFOs.-Terran or extra-Terran&Terran. We WILL WIN!*******

  17. This is a true bit of insane legislation.

    It looks like coin shops and coin/ precious metals collectors are potentially in the cross-hairs:

    Palladium Trafficable (mixed) 0.5 gm
    Platinum Trafficable (mixed) 0.5 gm
    (or your automobile catlytic converter…)

    Or vitamin users:
    Magnesium Trafficable (mixed) 25 gms
    Calcium 25 gms

    Or Welders (or even water drinkers H20):
    Hydrogen Trafficable (mixed) 150 gms

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  19. The only things that should be banned are the totally soulless and moronic politicians who have nothing better to do with their useless, worthless lives than take away other people’s rights and freedoms.

  20. We need Australian academia and scientists in this area to rise up and step up and help the Australian people with scientific evidence to prevent this ban. Banning 1000s of plants makes no common sense and that should not be allowed. Banning these plants today when they were allowed to flourish for hundreds of years represents an invasion of human rights and an extreme danger to the Australian environment which has them in its natural habitat. What guarantee do we have that our beautiful government will not pass laws that all non-GMO plants be banned!! With this attitude such a scenario is not so far-fetched. This is no longer about us, but about a world that we are going to leave for our children and grandchildren. If these plants were legally allowed to be grown up to 2011 for centuries, there is no legal or scientific method to ban them now.

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  22. Good Grief !
    What the hell is going on in the minds of these snobs ?
    Ban thinking might be the next step. Mind numb robots.
    Expose these so called experts for what they are not.
    Mother Nature is a lot better of healing than they ever thought of being.

  23. What on Earth are they trying todo take from nature and maniuplate the eco-system to alter it to their left-field ideals , don’t they think bugs and beatles, birds, true everything is interconnected so to take thing out of the eco-system what will no longer be able to sustain its life pattern in its own natural habitat everything a divine creation. And what are going to replace nature with plastic flowers from China oil. chemicals. toxic spygadets
    queenmumvictoriahernyvkinggeorge spawn which are intended to rot and turn into deadly flesh eating bateria. How out in left field can it get.

    • They can make more money out of you, by making you sick, so that your hospita billl is much higher. In the old days, in China, the doctors only got paid if they kept you well.

  24. Erm… This is just silly. Very silly. Very very silly indeed.

  25. This sounds very like something foisted on us by a provision in the noxious freetrade agreement signed by Howard with the Yanks. It would be very interesting to know if this is so. Have you ever noticed the benefits to crime of these banning crazes of the lad of the free? Alcohol – biggest boost to mafia of all time, cocaine – drug barons of Columbia never had it so good – remember it used to be an ingredient in coca cola, hemp/marihuana – the prison population of America has never been so high nor so many folk made criminals —- its the history of late 1700s/early 1800 English convict system which saw so many folk convicted for minor offences (hanging nonetgheless presumably on a zero toleration basis).


  27. yes, they did, steve…

    but anyway, at least Australia has graciously provided the world with a list of hallucinogenic plants.

    better download that file, and extract the relevant pages.

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  30. Time for Australians to walk like Egyptians

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  32. More idiots who think they know what is best for the rest of the country … The people that make these decissions need to be identified and their identies posted everywhere. THEN they can be accountable for taking actions that the rest of the country don’t want … I am sick of this Nanna Country and its Socialist govt.

  33. can just imagine that idiot gilliard our primeminister running around nimbin frantically pulling out all the trees and weeds) screaming there bad there bad bad bad !!! the people of the northern nsw towns around nimbin and such are currently being hounded severely by the army police and dog squads rta and all these other useless asshats from government its a farce and i think Jecks has a great idea

  34. Yes NAME AND SHAME those that come up with idiotic laws. PS the law that will be implemented will be STATURE not common law.

  35. It time for australia to wake up and see the truth, rise brothers and sisters we need to take back our once great country before this retarded red head has you kneeling down to her will, oh wait she all ready has.

    All people have to do is do there own research on things and get people involved then we can organize….. lets just say extermination of the fascists.

    We the people will rise, we the people will stand and say no more, we the people control the government.

    As long as one still stands we will have victory

  36. If they do go ahead and Ban all these plant species, I can see absolutely no reason why tobacco and alcohol should still be legal. Greedy tax saturated pigs.

  37. Why did we hand in our guns? How do you protect yourself from traitors?

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  39. I’m not surprised by this, Australia is at the vanguard of the NWO. I complained to my local member for Kingsley WA about flouridation and his response was to infer that I am a nutcase.

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  41. I agree our country, Australia, is being run by ‘loonies’.
    A carbon tax is being proposed, in fact forced on us. No genuine, convincing evidence that CO2 is a pollutant or a driving force for global warming. No genuine, convincing evidence that global warming exists.
    An economic reform is being forced on us because of an unrelated agenda!
    They are loonies from our, “feet on the ground”, observer’s point of view. But they are pawns in the game of domination, perhaps willing, perhaps ignorant, certainly incapable of thinking clearly and honestly. If they know what they do, they are guilty of treason against the people who elected and placed their trust in them, and their country.
    Politicians who, can stand up in parliament, be rightly accused of lying, and boldly and baldly deny or ignore the just accusations, and justify what they are doing with more lies. Loonies?, idiots?, psychopaths? It’s beyond my comprehension. God help us all!

  42. If we ban the Wattle, we should also consider banning kangaroos due to there contribution of greenhouse gases.

    How can you ban NATURE !!!

  44. This proposed law is HERBAL GENOCIDE !!

  45. Geoffrey Dean

    We are overregulated by people who don’t know what they are talking about – Like Julia’s proposal on carbon trading which is a complete farce. Just one volcanic eruption per year , of which thre are many , would completely negate civilizations effots to ‘pollute’ the environment These so called “scientific” boffins who advise our stupid government should be jailed for misrepresetation and proposed crimes against humanity

  46. Did anyone bother to read the discussion paper or just the alarmist commentary about it. If people would just make sensible submissions to discussion papers proposing legislation attepting to protect us from people trading in drugs, we might just get some sensible legislation in this country.

    And I guess we can all agree that the company that sold asbestos rock should not be crimalized for same since , paraphrasing the Ed., “If God put the rock there, how can humans criminalize the use of what God has created?” , same for arsenic ?

    • that’s right. you cannot sanely criminalize what nature put here. but you best be smart about your use of earth’s natural resources.

      This legislation is absurd. No one was using these plants to trade in drugs. talk about control freaks.

      this proposed legislation is all about Codex and predatory capitalism. Big Pharma wants sole control of medicinal herbs. We see that in the States where Big Pharma can use THC, but ordinary people go to jail for growing a marijuana plant

  47. dollie hunter

    My opinion: Vote out the legislators BEFORE they vote out the plants.

  48. dollie hunter

    Another thought … where are all you lawyers? Genocide is being levied on
    the bugs, beetle, and other life-forms that depend on these plants. Suits for cats and dogs have been levied in the past, so, suits against these legislators in behalf of these creatures should be possible, too.

  49. The government won’t be publishing submissions in opposition to their recent statements on transparency. To address this we have setup a site for people to post a copy of their submissions on to create a public record –

    It is our hope that having a public record of submissions will make the government more accountable, as the interim report can be checked against the submissions to ensure there is no bias, and decisions made in opposition to the weight of evidence leave open the question of political motivation.

  50. The Bureaucrats spend so much time telling us that we are destroying the natural balance of the earth, and then they go and propose this! It must be one of the greatest attacks on the natural ecosystems in Australia … and where are the Greenies?

    The silence is deafening!

  51. robert Stanley

    Evil is what governs this planet,since the fall of man,right at the beginning everything was taken over by evil.We were given these evil bodies and an earth was created by this evil to rule,plants,animal,human,mineral etc.This is not a Divine creation.That is why this evil can do what it likes with our/their plants,animals and us.We have all been trapped in our bodies,in every kingdom,that was from the original Divine intent.We are not these bodies,but the true self can be found within the body.The time is fast approaching when this evil can no longer has been feeding from us for its sustenence,and its very existence depends on us to continue feeding it,with our emotions,and fears.Everything that is evil on this panet must leave,that means everything the plants animals and us,it all has to be wiped out.Those that are not evil,who have chosen to live in their light will live in a place of love,not of this planet,Those that have chosen the darkside will inherit the pain and misery that they have caused,and will see their world be destroyed.Let them destroy the plants and all the animals and themselves,because the die is set,and all this evil must be transmuted.There is no saving the planet that does not want to be saved it is dying,and will be born anew,in the light of the source.Understand this is Gods Will,everything must go,and judgment has already been made,by us.We have all made our choices,we are only playing out the outcome.

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  53. This is a terrible idea! All this will do is encourage people to do more serious/dangerous drugs. And criminalising it will only add to it’s appeal, with teens who wouldn’t otherwise be aware of these plants psychoactive properties experimenting simply because they are prohibited! It is natural for teens to experiment with benign things like salvia divinorum (which has anecdotal evidence in its favour that it lessens the desire to smoke marijuana in addicted pot-smokers). If you ban these items, you will just find more teens in hospital for licking cane toads, rather than eating brugmansia flowers. What’s next? Banning rye bread because you can grow ergot mold on it? (hallucinogenic mold which is toxic, but where LSD can be extracted). Are they going to ban solvents? More people get high in Australia with solvents than datura or nutmeg. To all of the politicians responsible for this bill: GET A LIFE! I think that Australians need to vote for the Australian Greens party. They treat drugs as a health issue, not a criminal issue. The Australian Greens acknowledges that taking away people’s rights to choose how they live is a human rights issue. If it doesn’t harm anyone else (like alcohol+ driving) then you should be free to do it if you wish! If Damiana (my herbal smoke) becomes illegal, I may as well smoke pot! How do we band together and show our opposition to this bill?

  54. The day we can consider banning our national flower is a very dark day. The day we can consider banning the herbs and plants that have been the basis of natural and pharmaceutical medicine since the dawn of time is ludicrous. Where does it end? With our end? Must we always take it to such extremes? Ridiculous.

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  59. One thing most people don’t know is that humans evolved from apes by taking psychedelics, by banning psychedelics you are stopped us from evolving and destroying the human pysche and the world. Also every single Plant in the world contains DMT, possible every single livign thing, so basically if this proposal was true to what it says we woudl all be in jail, there woudl be no plants and we woudl all be dead. Well we are heading that way, the human race is most likely doomed unless we embrace psychedelics and this is a step of highest ignorence towards this. People who take psychedelic drugs arn’t ignorant for a reason, the bloodbath of hisotry and war is all a result of disconnection to our shamanic past causing an imbalance in the ego and disconnection from nature.

  60. It is time to bring down big Pharma… pharmaceutical drugs need to be banned outright… they are toxic, they kill more people than any other thing, they have a myriad of side effects, they are profit driven…. END BIG PHARMA NOW. Actions like the above as profit and greed driven… consciousness is shifting now…

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  62. Buckwheat???? Really!!!! I have Celiac Disease and flour made from Buckwheat is one of the few alternatives I can eat. Maybe they should do a study and see just how many occurances of extracting DMT from these plants they propose to ban have taken place before they made such wide sweeping and idiotic banning of them. Big Pharma is behind legislation like this…It is happening in America too!!!

  63. Can the government of Australia be charged for growing one of those plants if they grow on federal property?

  64. I believe these substances are on the planet for a reason – every so called “drug” has a beneficial use as indigenous shamans from all over the world show us. DMT is part of a South American brew called ayahuasca that has been known to heal people in miraculous ways and I can validate this from my own personal experience; and DMT when taken alone can open your mind and heart and show you possibilities you never imagined. Use of both of these substances in a controlled and ritualistic way has had extremely positive affects on me that have assisted in my own personal healing – without them I would probably still be suffering depression. Also DMT is absolutely not a recreational drug. Anyone who has ever taken ayahuasca or smoked DMT will confirm that this substance could NEVER be addictive. It is so sad that governments ban things out of fear and ignorance… and to keep people’s minds closed …

  65. It seems the website (www.­opendecisions.­net) to upload copies of submissions has been shut down… :/
    Education not legislation!

  66. little rascal

    FUCK the POLICE state.!

  67. Your country is devolving into a pathetic joke and I will never visit it if it can be helped.

  68. Well I am glad I do not live in Australia. I use a lot of plants for herbal remedies – I find common medicines to be more harmful on the body than helpful. If someone was telling me to dig up my garden of plants, they would be telling me to dig up the only way I heal myself when sick.

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  71. They are trying to replace culture and religion for consumerism and capitalism.. That’s all

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  73. Hi All
    The duopoly (Liberal /Labor) nanny state government want to ban, and criminalize every thing under the sun and lock every who disagrees with them in jail.
    But there is another way take a look at the Liberal Democrats (LDP) sometime there is a way you can do something about this.
    It’s free to join and will help get a voice for common sense and individual freedom into the house.

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  77. ummm WHY is it not ok to have plants around that were here first, but it’s ok with them to let these mad scientists, funded by global elite who want to live forever, to mix human and animal genes, and pollute the whole earth’s plant & animal genetic stock??

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  80. ban birseed too, f.. the birds! what about the animals who feed and / or breed on all these NATIVE plants. what about beans too? LOL dumb government….

  81. This is Brave New World. If you show up there you will be arrested for trace amounts of hallucinogens in your tissues.

  82. government has gone on a power trip not just on this issue but a wide range of things (if its not banned it will be sold off) what ever happened to G~day mate and she”ll be right were loosing our way 😦

  83. Trent Nicolajsen

    We have new Science in Canada that proves that addiction is not caused by drugs. addiction is caused sociologically and environmentally where people lose there way of life. The stress is passed to the child in a economical world where children are left alone and do not have human interaction. you simply have to pass this video to your governments.

  84. Gwyneth Sangster

    This is the most ridiculous idea that I have ever heard of. No-one would have known about the potential properties of most of these plants until this report blew the whistle. Stupid politicians could have created the problem that they think they are trying to prevent. Someone MUST store some seeds to prevent them being lost forever.

  85. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all folks you really recognize what you are speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Kindly additionally visit my site =). We will have a link exchange agreement among us

  86. Total insanity.

  87. What really needs to be addressed is WHY the govt. doesn’t want you taking DMT and other consciousness expanding indole-hallucinogenic compounds that our brains and bodies are hard-wired to receive and that occur naturally in plants and in mammals, namely HUMAN BEINGS!

  88. this pathetic and excessive and control of the public for no reason as DMT IS NATURAL AND HARMLESS and your body makes it every night when you go to sleep .. ugh. it is also used by natives for increased self awareness and other awareness. its not a drug its in nature. i say everyone does it and fk them.

  89. Seeing as DMT is also produced in our brains… Is the government going to make sleep illegal?

  90. We must all ingest what we can while we can, and teach our children of foolproof ways to follow in our footsteps, for we all know what is right and wrong.

  91. It was my understanding that S. divinorum was already illegal? Is it actually not specifically banned?

    As a cactus enthusiast I find the legislators lack of botanical knowledge telling, especially when it comes to cactus, as most of us know that L. diffusa has no consequential amounts of mescaline.

    To ban plants is an outrage -even if they must ban selling of the concentrated chemicals, the plants should always be allowed to be grown.

    Also they should be careful lumping Datura with psychotropic plants, because above all else these species vary plant to plant and are poisonous and can make people accident prone, such as D. wrightii.

    They need a different list, not to ban, but to fully disclose information, so that young people don’t think that datura is a good plant to causally experience.

    They are beautiful shading plants and are popular with older generations and once you wipe away the genetic variably within a species it is gone for good.

  92. Atlatl Mayacama

    I have heard that at least one country in the world (in South America?) has a constitutional prohibition against making any plant illegal. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so what country?

    • Just read that Brazil has sanctioned the use of these plants for religious/spiritual purposes, as has a North American District Judge. Something to do with Religious Freedom. Does this help?

  93. How can they make any plant illegal that contains DMT. when DMT occures in humans naturrally.

  94. Well that’s going to stuff up our plans to make smudge sticks. All our planting- Kapuff!!! Big Government and Big Pharma and Monsanto- again!!! Some of us use these herbs for ritual purposes and part of our lives. All I hear is,”You must conform!” and I say NEVER!!! Come on Australia- we don’t want this over control. Love to know how they plan on controlling WATTLE!! That’s a joke and more. Ha- tell a pagan they can’t use a smudge stick!!?? Really??

  95. Can anyone provide an update re the Australian Court’s ruling Vis a Vis this plant saga? I can’t seem to find any references to it online. Thanks.

  96. funnelweb spider venom

    It’s time for a revolution in Australia. Oh I forgot- guns are banned too.

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  98. Dmt is not only found in plants it’s also produced in the human brain

  99. Australia needs to lead and not follow , we need to use the voice that we have forgotten to use.
    Religion is a controlled belief system, we need to get past that and just have a common respect for people and there rights

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  103. This whole government system is a corrupt ponzi little scheme.. I cant believe they have banned and scheduled the amount of plants they have.. im trying to get some ayahuasca online so ive been researching prohibited plants.. yet they put toxic waste into the water which they call flouride.. alcohol and ciggarettes are legal but its a federal offence to grow a tobacco plant?? Im really getting sick of this corrupt bullshit governance and pathetic system.. we are treated like infants and hearded like sheep… something is very wrong when you start criminalising nature..

  104. This article is pure BULLSHIT. In Australia we have NO federal drug laws – drug laws are state laws.

  105. how horrid i have plants in my garden that are in remembrance of family that have died i wont be removing them as this is all i have left of my family you can get fucked

  106. Is this true? I guess Mr O’connor isn’t aware Hops used to flavour beer is also in the cannabinacea family… no more hops in beer???? Well they just screwed themselves out of billions of dollars in the income the ATO makes from beer……..not sure about grapes but most probably contain DMT!!

  107. From ed. Comment – Especially when one of the catch phrases they use is IN GOD WE TRUST I keep telling everyone to watch ‘THE AGE OF STUPID’ with Pete Aposlethwaite great movie. We are living it now.

  108. I think its totally unnessary the ppl capable of doing things with those kind of chemicals will be able to get their hands on them despite the ban or end up using worse substances

  109. not good at all. this ban must be stopped.

  110. More of our dumb arse governmental nanny state mentality. Little minds have a continual need to interfere.

  111. This is just one of many brainfarts of our current government. Thank the gods we have a federal election this year so we can toss them out!

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