India sues Monsanto for biopiracy

By France 24

India has sued Monsanto for “bio-piracy” — stealing indigenous plants, and then trying to develop genetically modified versions of them, without giving any compensation back to the local people or nation where the plant originated. Representing one of the most agriculturally bio-diverse nations in the world, India has become a primary target for biotechnology companies like Monsanto and Cargill to steal local plants whose unique traits have been bred over thousands of years by local farmers, genetically modify them, then sell the seeds back as their own patented technology

From a Forbes report on Aug. 12, 2011:

The National Biodiversity Authority of India (NBA) has decided to sue Monsanto, the St. Louis, MO-based biotechnology power-house, and the company’s Indian partners who developed the Bt eggplant.

The controversial move by NBA is based on a complaint filed in 2010 by the Bangalore-based Environment Support Group (ESG), which alleges that the developers violated India’s Biological Diversity Act of 2002 by using local eggplant varieties in developing Bt eggplant without prior approval from NBA.

While Monsanto has not responded to the charge, the Maharashtra Hybrid Company in Mumbai, in which Monsanto has a 26% stake, has denied the charge saying it merely incorporated the Bt gene in the varieties provided by the University of Agricultural Sciences at Dharwad in Karnataka state and provided the technology ‘royalty free’.

29 responses to “India sues Monsanto for biopiracy

  1. When the world’s food source devolves to monoculture crops and all seeds become sterile, the OWO will be happy to auction (or extort) their plants to the highest bidder.

  2. People are rising up all over the world and speaking truth to these people who care not a whit for human life, endeavor or the sacredness of nature and the natural world. They no longer can hide their dirty deeds and they will come to trial. NO MORE MONSANTO MONSTER SEEDS! Thats my take. They are toast!

  3. For this case, India is a looser. How on Earth India could feed her One Billion plus populations, without Genetically Modified Foods?

    Moreover, the Karnataka State did provide Royalty Free to MONSANTO to supply the fertilization.
    India also, afraid the big computation with CARGILL Company. Advanta India Ltd. and Poabs Organic Estates are the Major Artificial Seed producers, based in India, without being inspected like Monsanto.

    I know, behind the scene, it is a made up FALSE accusation to share the Government and investors Money, between the Two CEOs.
    BTW find your fool somewhere else.

    • ‘BTW find your fool somewhere else.’
      Hey, have you looked in a mirror lately?

    • Margaret Bartley

      Do you have any information, either a URL on the web, or any first- or second-hand reports to support your statement that Poabs uses genetically modified seed? I don’t see that anywhere on their website, and certainly is important to know, if true.

  4. Good to India for standing up to Montsanto. In the U.S. we still subsidize their dirty deeds. Good post. Dohn

    • It is all coming around and heading strait back to Monsanto. Like the old saying, ”What goes around comes around”
      Meaning; dreadful, murderous conduct goes right back to plague their perpetrator!

  5. Everyone is watching, lets see if Monsanto has a firm a grip on India’s government as it does on the U.S.A. government.

    Doc Blake

  6. @Hailu
    Why not? there is no evidence gen food produces more at the long term, mono cultures destroys nature chain.
    India should kick all those companies out of their country…

    • India without the Western support, is nothing. It has more poorest people than the rest of the World. Hence, it doesn’t have Regulation to control the birth rates. They keep getting multiplied, without enough resources.

  7. Seriously!!! How can India feed their population with gmo? The same way they’ve been doing it for the last 50 years without gmo. Hailu – enough said. You’ve just been owned.

    Sterile seeds is the end to freedom.

    • and how can people drink without that isn’t fluoridated?

      How can humans resist disease without vaccines?

      It’s amazing the human species survived for 200,000 years before “science” came along, eh?

  8. Great news to see a country stand up to Monsanto. When corporations can patent life we know we’re in trouble. The only way to stop them is to take away the incentives and to let them know they (corporations) face the same penalties that people do for their crimes.


    you know monsantos model is unworkable when americans are praying for india to resist monsanto because we ourselves could not prevent them from corrupting our government against us. good luck india.

  10. As a sovereign nation India can unilaterally declare Monsanto an eco terrorist and then simply follow the path our own government takes and bomb Monsanto plants / offices all over the world. International courts of law? Bah! the U.S. leads the way here too! Ignore the court system, lock and load!

  11. I agree, the people need to keep a very short leash on government because they cannot be trusted.

    Doc Blake

  12. If you’re truly interested in living organic you must take action by learning more about genetically engineered food and GMOs.

  13. Let’s **ALL** file a **CLASS ACTION** Law Suite against MONSANTO for BIO-PIRACY! Get On Board!

    Monsanto’s Infertility-Linked Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested

  14. You will get a fortune… the spirits never lie. Their recognition further iterates the fact that we are usually
    in search of ways to unfold mysteries. Some advisors have a lengthy term
    view of issues.

    • It is all coming around and starting to head strait back to Monsanto. Like the old saying, “”The chickens come home to roost”
      Meaning; dreadful, murderous conduct or language come back to plague and pain their perpetrator!

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