‘Save the Farm’ at Vancouver International Film Festival

By City Farmer News

The endangered 14-acre organic farm in South Central Los Angeles, cultivated by 350 families over 14 years and then sold out from under them by the Los Angeles city council, is the subject of Michael Kuehnert’s call to arms. Celebrities – Alicia Silverstone, Amy Smart, Daryl Hannah Julia, Butterfly Hill, Tom Morello, – and activists link arms to fight city hall.

Directed and produced by Michael Kuehnert
Playing at the Vancouver Film Festival
Sep 30th and Oct 1st, 2010

Save the Farm
(USA, 2010, 24 mins, BetaSP)
In Spanish, English with English subtitles
Directed By: Michael Kuehnert
PROD/CAM/ED: Michael Kuehnert
FEATURING: Alicia Silverstone, Amy Smart, Daryl Hannah, John Quigley, Julia Butterfly Hill

Link to film at the Film Festival website here.

This film looks at the same subject as the Academy Award Nominee film, The Garden by Scott Hamilton Kennedy, however Save the Farm focuses on the 11th hour activism and tree sit. Link to The Garden here.

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